I'm Predicting Sephora's Next 21 Cult-Favorite Haircare Products

I absolutely love browsing Sephora's reviews, so when newer products haven't had time to catch on and collect feedback yet, I'll admit I feel a little lost. How do you know which new goodies to invest in without being able to read dozens of comments?

Well, I did all the hard work for you and combed through the retailer's latest drops in the haircare section and settled on the top 21 products I think will sell insanely well. Some are new launches from cult-favorite brands like Oaui, while others are more up-and-coming labels that are definitely worth making room in your medicine cabinet for. Scroll down for my predictions—your hair will thank me later. 

Anyone with curly hair knows the dreaded feeling of crunchy, gel-filled hair. This promises to strongly hold your curls without the stiffness of other sticky gel products. I, for one, love the way that sounds. 

If you've ever spent time browsing Sephora's best-seller list, you'll know that Briogeo is a frequent prizewinner. This new shampoo launch is made for those with oily scalps and anyone who wants some added shine. It's bound to become a top seller in no time. 

Ever feel like you can never quite get rid of all of your scalp buildup? This scrub is supposed to help get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil, and other yucky things lurking on top of our heads. It boasts apple cider vinegar to help with shine and salt to exfoliate. And the price is definitely right, too. 

This spray is meant to give you that covetable just-back-from-the-beach hair with easy waves. The under-$20 product gets bonus points for having much-needed UV protection for the summer months. 

I've long been intrigued by this brand on Sephora's site because it consistently earns positive reviews. I have a feeling this minty conditioning treatment will rack up similar accolades. 

Now that travel is starting back up again, I have a feeling TSA-friendly products will be selling like lightning. This limited-edition kit is bound to catch the eye of Olaplex's many dedicated fans.

It's no secret that DevaCurl already has a cult following, so I know the brand's fans will be all ears about this new launch at Sephora. It's a non-lathering cleanser that doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils and instead leaves your curls hydrated and defined. 

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When you ask beauty editors about their favorite hair straighteners, GHD will routinely top their lists. The brand's newest version is a two-inch ceramic iron that's specifically designed for long, curly, or thick hair. 

This might look like an ordinary brush, but according to the product description, it's made with "HeatFlex bristles and an open-vented design for fast moisture release." In other words, it's for anyone who wants to speed up drying time post-shower. 

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Calling all blondes: This new formula is already earning rave reviews on Sephora's website because it helps keep your hair color bright and fresh. 

You've probably heard of Sol de Janeiro's cult-favorite Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45), but allow me to introduce you to the brand's newest offering: this fantastic dry shampoo. It's only a matter of time before the brand's rabid fans jump on board with this product as well. 

Do I really need to convince you that everything Ouai touches turns to gold? This new arrival is a scrub for both body and hair, making it a genius multitasking product. I personally love physical exfoliators for my itchy, dry scalp. 

Am I the only person who doesn't actually enjoy washing their hair? It always looks better once my natural oils have come back after a wash. This curl refresher will help liven up your hair in between showers. 

Another one of Kérastase's just-launched products, this leave-in cream for curly and wavy hair is already racking up great reviews thanks to its moisturizing and curl-enhancing ingredients like manuka honey and ceramides. 

I love when product descriptions use the word "bouncy" because my hair can be anything but. My hair gets confused about whether it's supposed to be curly or just sort of limp. This moisturizing cream for curly hair is made to leave you with a "soft hold" that's never sticky. 

This new product is for anyone experiencing hair loss. You apply a drop of serum onto your dry or damp scalp and leave it in. With turmeric, red clover, and mung bean among its ingredients, it's formulated to help strengthen your roots and promote thicker, longer hair growth. 

Clearly, Sephora knows exactly what its customers want and delivers on that with its eponymous brand. This serum is made with biotin and plant-based proteins to help promote hair growth if you're self-conscious about a receding hairline like I am. 

This intriguing product is actually a powder that turns into foam when activated by water. Since it's a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, it's perfect for fuss-free traveling. Sign me up. 

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These gummies focus on healthy hair and boast biotin; vitamins A, C, E, D3, and B7; zinc, and more. The accompanying serum is an added defense against thinning hair and is formulated with ingredients that help revitalize the dermal papilla cells. 

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