The Jewelry Trends People Are Buying Straight From Instagram

Around these parts, we’re all quite familiar with shopping straight from Instagram, but it sometimes takes a set of eagle eyes to zero in on the smallest shoppable details of an ensemble, especially in the span of a small, likable square. Thankfully, jewelry stalking isn’t just something we’re familiar with. Our sources at happen to be experts too, and they claim there are specific trends that sell exceptionally well through the platform.

According to—whose new book, Stories From the Influencer Next Door, launches September 18—jewelry sales on their app are up 37% from last year and the below four trends are most successfully selling via Instagram. Despite rings, delicate necklaces, etc. being the subtlest part of an ensemble, they happen to be the ones driving users to shop. Take a look below at the jewelry trends succeeding on Instagram, as well as the specific styles sparking the craze.

Coin Necklaces

Geometric Earrings

Signet Rings

Hoop Earrings

Opening Image: @kristengracelam