The Best Self-Help Books for Your New Year's Resolution


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It's the start of a new year and a new decade. And like every January, maybe you've made a resolution (or two) to conquer this year. Whether your resolution is big or small, you might need some help. Getting the support of your family and friends will hold you accountable and might make it easier. Incorporating your goals into your daily and weekly schedules can make a big difference, too. Doing enough research or putting more thought into your resolution can give you more reason to crush those goals.

For the latter, we've rounded up some self-help and informative books that might help you achieve all different kinds of resolutions—from eating better to staying more organized to focusing on your career goals. These can help you stay in the right mindset and provide some ideas on how to stick to your intentions.


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Just remember it's okay if you can't get everything done by the end of the month or even this year. Some things take time, so go ahead and work toward those goals, but cut yourself some slack when (not if) everything doesn't turn out perfectly. It's totally fine to start slow and build up to your bigger goals or be a work in progress.

If Your Resolution Is to Eat Better...


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Maybe you've decided to go vegan or try keto or do Whole30. Whatever it is, you've got to do it safely. While you don't necessarily have to start an intense diet to eat healthy in the New Year, since there are plenty of ways to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and nutrients into your diet, many people will try new eating plans in January. Here are a few guidebooks we recommend—but keep in mind that the ultimate goal of eating better shouldn't be to lose pounds quickly. It's all about creating habits that will stick in the long-term.

If Your Resolution Is to Work Out More...


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The hottest club in town come January 1 will be the gym. Suddenly, everyone puts on their leggings and hightails it to the land of treadmills and ellipticals. So instead of falling into your regular (and maybe boring) workout routine, read these books to try something new or get you inspired.

If Your Resolution Is About Career or Money....


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You might have made it your mission to get that promotion or raise. Or maybe you're finally going to start working on that big idea you had. Or maybe you just want to be more financially literate and learn how to invest and save wisely. Whatever it is, good for you, and here are some books that will help.

If Your Resolution Is About Relationships


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Romantic, platonic, familial… Some relationships might need some work in the New Year. These books offer perspective and advice as you're navigating any complicated situation.

If Your Resolution Is to Get Organized


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So you feel motivated to get your shit together this year. Now what? These books below will help you put your goals into practice.

If Your Resolution Is About Self-Love


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Let's face it: Treating yourself better should be a resolution on all of our lists. These books will make you really think about your relationship with yourself and give you more reasons for self-appreciation.


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