The One Trouser Style That Every Parisian Has in Their Wardrobe

Sailor trousers (in case you don't know, these are wide-leg, high-waisted jeans with buttons along the pockets creating a "bib" front) might not be trending like cropped flares and stem-hem jeans. However, go to any café in Paris and chances are you'll see them. These classic jeans have long been a French staple—on a trip to Paris last year, a Sézane personal stylist told me that this item couldn't be more French. And there's a good reason they are quite so popular: They elongate the legs and are very flattering on your waist.


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The French way to style them, according to the stylist, is to tuck the T-shirt into the waistband to make the buttons the focus of the look. Caroline de Maigret wore hers to the Chanel show earlier this year, with a black roll neck tucked into the waist. Keep scrolling to shop our edit of the best sailor trousers.

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Emma Spedding