The Big Summer Shoe Trend You Can Get for Under $40

There's clearly (no pun intended) a quick rise in the clear shoe trend. So much so that we are deeming it the biggest shoe trend of the summer. Well, one day, while spending too much time on Instagram, as one does, I came across a wild discovery—at least to me it was wild. One of my fellow editor friends bought the coolest pair of clear heels on Etsy, and I had never been so jealous. I quickly opened up the site, searched "clear PVC shoes" and was overjoyed with what I found.

Coming in funky varieties of shapes with all sorts of unique embellishments, I was instantly convinced that when it comes to this shoe trend, searching for the Cinderella slippers of my dreams should always be done on Etsy first. Beyond the fact that buying this summer shoe trend on Etsy means you are getting a pair no one else will have, it also means you're about to save a lot of money. I was yet again shocked to find that each shoe I loved rang in at under $40. The best versions of the It shoe of the season for basically nothing? That's a shopping hack we're going to tell all our friends about.

Below shop my favorite clear summer shoes on Etsy that are under $40 in addition to a few more I've been coveting.

Shop clear shoes from Etsy all under $40

These might just be my favorite pair.

Available in size 6.

Wear these with jeans and a T-shirt for a total '90s look.

Available in size 6.5.

Fun fact: This shoe brand used to be known for its trendy clear shoes.

Available in size 10.

A feather moment is a moment we want to live in forever.

Available in size 10.

These plus a gingham minidress will have you being the best dressed girl of the summer in seconds flat.

Available in size 8.

Shop more clear shoes we love

Carrie Bradshaw would spend her rent on these shoes.

Available in sizes 34 to 42.

I own these and get so many compliments on them.

Available in sizes 35.5 to 40.

These are what we call Barbie shoes.

Available in sizes 8.5.

Just the right amount of glitz. 

Available in sizes 38 and 39.

Click in to see the detailing on the heels.

Available in size 7.

Perfect for every cocktail party in history. 

Available in sizes 5.5 to 10.

Get on the waiting list for these ASAP if you know what's good.

Available in sizes 5 to 11.

Now these are what we call naked shoes.

Available in sizes 8.5 to 9.5.

No, you're not seeing things—these are just that good.

Available in size 7.5.

Feeling like Cinderella yet? We thought so.