It's Time to Reconsider the Monokini

best monokinis street style



We’ve now come to that point in the summer where our once-exciting swimsuits are beginning to feel a little tired. Shocking, we know. And while we’re sure we’ll come back around to that string bikini and sporty one-piece that are part of our rotation, we’re turning our eye to a fun silhouette we hadn’t seen in a while… Enter: the monokini.

We know what you’re thinking: The monokini is nothing new. And while it’s true that the style has made plenty of appearances in seasons past, it’s been a while since it’s been in the spotlight. A swimsuit that’s fairly modest yet shows a bit of skin? What’s not to like? That’s why we’ve rounded up the best monokinis to carry you through the rest of the summer. (You might even love yours so much that you start wearing it as a bodysuit when you’re far from the pool.)

Convinced yet? Try the 20 monokinis above and you’ll have a whole new outlook on your summer swimwear uniform.

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