These 24 Tools Ensure a Flawless Makeup Application Every Dang Time



We all strive for that #nofilter (but filter) kind of vibe when it comes to applying our makeup, but how do you ensure that kind of immaculate finish at all times without some serious black magic? With the right tools, of course.

I'll admit I find a good number of my brush recommendations (and other beauty buys) on TikTok, but that can be a pretty overwhelming place if you don't know where to look. There are also so many incredible makeup artists on other platforms who have recommendations that are just as outstanding. Basically, there are plenty of places to lead a buzzy-makeup-tool investigation, but luckily for you, that won't be necessary this time around.

To help you sift through the noise, I've rounded up all the best makeup tools and gadgets loved by makeup artists and consumers alike that ensure a flawless finish, every time. Keep scrolling for everything from foundation brushes to airbrush tools to eyebrow-sculpting wizards.

Best Foundation Brushes

Merit's next-level blending brush has densely packed bristles to make blending foundation (or your blurring skin tint) a total breeze. 

This brush has an almost-perfect five-star review for a reason. It's an incredible budget option that doesn't skimp on quality.

For a divinely seamless finish, go with Hourglass's best-selling foundation brush. The bristles are oh so soft and work best with cream and stick foundations.

Mented Cosmetics' stick foundation already glides on pretty easily, but when you need to blend and buff to perfection, opt for this full-bodied brush.

Best Foundation Sponges

If you also find peace of mind in having clean makeup sponges on hand at all times, you're going to want to snag this five-pack.

EcoTools makeup sponges come highly rated, and they're more environmentally friendly. They're a personal favorite of mine, as they truly deliver a dewy, seamless finish, especially when used with a matte foundation.

Not only is this blending sponge latex-free, but it also comes in this epic purple tie-dye shade. It has flat sides for blending foundation flawlessly, and they're chiseled enough to be used for your contour, too.

Best Concealer Brushes

When you need the perfect round, dense, flat brush to buff concealer, try Kjaer Weis's. It's designed to easily reach the corners of the face and eyes to ensure every crease is covered.

Personal interjection: Real Techniques brushes are, literally, the best. I use them almost exclusively (besides, ahem, Morphe), and I can never believe how inexpensive they are simply because of their level of quality. This concealer brush is no different.

I'll admit this brush is a little pricey for a small concealer brush, but Surratt brushes are cult-loved by makeup artists for a reason. It's a true miracle worker when it comes to concealing blemishes.

MAC's mini rounded slant brush is the perfect travel-size option that blends even the thickest concealer well.

Best Eye Shadow Brushes

Snagging Sephora's complete eye kit is a guaranteed way to establish your place in the impeccable-eye-makeup club. It comes with every brush you could possibly need to create even the trickiest eye shadow look.

I use this Morphe blending brush for just about every eye shadow creation I wear. It really does create a seamless transition between your crease and lid shade. It's seriously *chef's kiss.*

Selena Gomez has done it again. This angled brush mimics the shape of your fingertip for maximum control.

The ultra-soft fibers of this eye shadow brush are never harsh on the eye area. The cooling roller on the other end to depuff the eyes beforehand doesn't hurt, either.

Best Airbrush Tools

If you really want to create a collection of the best makeup tools and gadgets, it's time to invest in an airbrush makeup set. It even has multiple uses including face painting and tanning, so you're definitely getting your money's worth.

Photo-quality makeup is just an airbrush away with this seven-piece starter kit. Bonus: It's also dermatologist tested and approved.

This compact and budget-friendly airbrush tool can be used for makeup, but it can also be used as a face mister for an afternoon moisture pick-me-up. It's perfect for the winter months.

If you're really in the mood to splurge, try this handheld, cordless airbrush tool. It's great to have on hand when traveling or at an event.

Best Eyebrow Tools

Finally, a set that contains everything you'll ever need to achieve flawlessly shaped brows—a sculptor, pomade, and pencil.

Madluvv's one-step brow stamp rose to fame on TikTok for its ease of use. For those who are like me and are no brow-shaping wizard, it's just the right tool for you.

People lose their minds over Glossier's Boy Brow because it's just that good. It isn't overly stiff but can weather any storm.

Brow Freeze is a dual-ended spatula and spoolie brush that presses wax into the brows for a firm shape and hold. Your brows will look extra snatched yet still au naturel.