We Found the Best Lingerie Brands, Hands Down

The Best Lingerie Brands Ever



We get it—lingerie definitely doesn't always land on everyone's list of favorite things to shop for. The thought of browsing through racks and spending hours in the dressing room to find the perfect-fitting bra (or cozy but cute undies) is enough to keep you from checking out the section completely. The trick to navigating the world of lingerie without all the stress and frustration? Find a good brand with quality pieces that you know you can always turn to when it's time to refresh your undergarment collection.

To help you out (and hopefully make bra shopping a tad bit more fun and manageable), we thought we'd highlight some of the best lingerie brands on our list right now. From one that promises to offer the perfect fitting bra in a total of 78 different sizes (yes, really) to another that churns out some of the prettiest one-of-a-kind bras and panties on the market, below are the lingerie labels we're absolutely loving right now (and are very certain you will, too).

1. Natori

Natori is here to prove that sexy lingerie that's also über-comfortable does, in fact, exist. The brand makes some of the best bras and underwear around; every piece fuses form and function.

2. Richer Poorer

Now's officially the time to put Richer Poorer on your must-know list. The brand, which has everything from tees to dresses, just so happens to offer some of comfiest bras in the world, too. The best-selling bralette, for example, is ideal for all-day wear, thanks to its barely there feel (and no, you won't want to chuck it across the room once you get home).

The brand also just added a new piece into the mix. The newly launched scoop-neck bralette offers more coverage and support than ever—a design more that took customer feedback into account. Sizing ranges from XS to XL, and each design is available in a handful of pretty hues.

3. Fleur du Mal

Some of the fanciest, most fashionable lingerie pieces can be found in Fleur du Mal's jaw-droppingly beautiful range. Fancy bras and undies aside, the brand also makes luxuriously soft silk robes that you'll no doubt want to wear outside of the house, too.

4. Negative Underwear

If you prefer no-frills lingerie that's still oh so cute, look no further than Negative Underwear's perfect selection of minimalist-leaning bras, bralettes, and undies. What's more, every piece is also insanely comfy (and quite affordable as well).

5. Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde is the female-founded and socially responsible bra brand to put on your radar right now. What makes this label all the more intriguing is that fact that it recently expanded its size offerings by 60%. Yep, as of right now, 31 sizes are available in a handful of different styles to suit all your dressing needs.

6. ThirdLove

Like many great brands, ThirdLove stemmed out of frustration. Co-founder Heidi Zak had enough of bad bras with lousy, uncomfortable fits, so she decided to create her own with the help of Ra'el Cohen. In 2013, the label released its first bra, and now, it offers a total of 78 sizes from a 30 to 48 band and an AA to I cup. Yep, ThirdLove is changing the lingerie shopping game for good—and once you test out one of the brand's perfectly fitting bras, all the hype will make sense.

7. Fruity Booty

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind lingerie that's pretty and comfortable, Fruity Booty is your answer. The brand, which launched back in 2017, creates limited-edition pieces you'll actually want to wear (yep, they're that good).

8. Cosabella

Cosabella means "beautiful thing" in Italian, so it should come as no surprise that the brand offers up some of the most stunning lingerie essentials on the market. Picture lots of color, eye-catching details, and snug, comfy fits that won't budge. You'll love Cosabella's bras and undies so much that you'll never want to take them off.

9. Elomi

Elomi lingerie is sure to be everyone's one-stop shop for all things undergarment-related. The label's expertly crafted bras are perfect for women with curves and promise all-day wear sans any back pain, thanks to their impeccable design. Everything from the straps to the fabric offers amazing support—without compromising comfort.

10. Skin

For elevated, elegant everyday basics, look no further than New York–based brand Skin. The label's bras and panties—most of which are made from natural materials and organic cotton—are so comfy that you won't even realize you're wearing them.

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