We Found Them: 13 Mascaras That Won't Irritate Your Eyes

If you have sensitive or easily irritated eyes, you know how annoying that can be. Not only do you experience discomfort and itchiness, but your eyes can also appear red and watery, so everyone might think you're crying when you're actually just annoyed that your eyes are bugging out!

And if you do have sensitive eyes, you know that it's important to look for products that won't irritate them even more. That especially includes eye makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara. Hypoallergenic eye makeup products are usually free of any irritants that might cause redness or itchiness. They're also a good idea because sometimes eyeliners or mascaras can smudge or flake and get into your eyes or even get stuck in your contacts if you wear them.

To help you find the best hypoallergenic mascaras for sensitive eyes, take a look at some options below.

Almay's thickening mascara is ophthalmologist-tested, so it's safe for both people with sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers. The volumizing mascara is formulated with aloe and vitamin B5 for conditioning benefits.

What a reviewer says: "I have tried so many different mascaras including expensive department store brands, and Almay remains my go-to mascara. First off, I have sensitive eyes and this brand does not irritate my eyes. It's so easy to clean at night with micellar cleansing water. And, if applied correctly, it goes on thick but even with no clumps. It makes my lashes look so beautiful and stand out, that some people ask me if I have fake lashes."

This long-wearing mascara does it all—it lifts, curls, lengthens, and volumizes. It's free of parabens and contains castor oil to soften and nourish the lashes

What a reviewer says: "I haven't worn mascara for years after getting tired of constant sensitivity I felt on my eyelashes and the black smudges around my eyes at the end of the day. I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It felt nice and my lashes did not feel sensitive. I'll definitely continue to use this and am so excited to finally wear mascara again!"

Covergirl's Lash Blash has been a favorite for years because it's just so volumizing. So it's good news that the formula also works on sensitive eyes.

What a reviewer says: "I wear contact lenses and my eyes can be sensitive but this mascara did great! I love the formula and the brush. It lengthened and thickened my lashes wonderfully. I love it. One of my go-to mascaras now!"

This is one of my favorite mascaras because it never flakes on me, so it doesn't get stuck on my contacts. It has nourishing ingredients like fatty acids, olive oil, and vitamin B5.

What a reviewer says: "Great mascara. I usually don't wear mascara because I have sensitive eyes that are constantly watering and most mascaras make my eyes itchy. No problems with this mascara at all. It stays all day, doesn't make my eyes itch, and looks natural, not overdone. And it washes off easily with my oil cleanser. Perfect in my books!"

This mascara is 100% natural and formulated with jojoba oil and moisturizing glycerin to nourish the lashes. It's safe for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers, and it's ophthalmologist-tested.

What a reviewer says: "I've been looking for a good mascara for over 3 years now since I started wearing makeup. I have very sensitive skin and eyes and every mascara I've tried I had to remove it after a few hours because it would irritate my eyes like crazy. I'm also very fair-skinned so I can't wear black mascara. This is the very first mascara I've found that doesn't irritate my eyes and I can wear it all day at work which is 8 hours and I actually forget I have it on!"

Lancôme's mascara will coat every single lash to leave them looking lifted and super fluttery. The formula lasts up to 24 hours and is a gel consistency, so it feels weightless.

What a reviewer says: "I have sensitive eyes and this mascara does not bother me. Its volumizing, lengthening, and stays put. It also does not clump my lashes or fall out on my cheeks. All in all a good buy."

This mascara promises a 35% increase in curl to make your lashes appear thicker and longer. Ingredients include olive esters to condition, rice bran wax to lengthen, and carnauba wax for smooth application.

What a reviewer says: "My eyes are incredibly sensitive, and most mascara leaves my eyes red and irritated. Not this one! It's fantastic for allergies and sensitive eyes. It's also a pretty great mascara overall."

Some mascaras can be really hard to remove at the end of the day, which can irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes, but not this one. It's also enriched with vitamin E to soften and plump up the lashes.

What a reviewer says: "I was looking for a mascara that's full but doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and this does the job. It's not waterproof but resistant and I agree with the description. It doesn't start to run down your face if you tear up, but it's much easier than waterproof to remove. This is my new go-to mascara and the price is good."

Just one stroke is all it takes to get super volume and intense color. And since it doesn't take much product to achieve lush lashes, you'll get more bang for your buck.

What a reviewer says: "This is my all-time favorite mascara. My lashes are fine and stick straight with no hint of a curl. This mascara is so black and gives me volume and curl I never knew I could have with my lashes. My eyes are also super sensitive but this mascara doesn’t irritate them at all. Love it!"

Neutrogena's mascara is packed with some truly nourishing ingredients: vitamin E, rice protein, and olive oil. It's also tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

What a reviewer says: "My eyes are extremely sensitive and this is the first mascara I have ever used that doesn't make my eyes water or burn. It doesn't clump, which is really great for people who are under-blessed in the lash department. With other mascaras, I have ended up with what appeared to be 5 giant eyelashes. Now I have a much more natural look."

Clinique is known for its hypoallergenic products, so it's no surprise that the brand's mascara is perfect for sensitive eyes. It will leave your lashes with intense color and volumized.

What a reviewer says: "This is definitely one of the best mascaras out there! It’s so easy to remove, doesn’t irritate the eyes at all, and barely clumps together. It gives you a natural look, some volume, which is really good! I've tried other mascaras and I just really prefer this one. If your eyes are sensitive, you've gotta try this!"

Who doesn't love a two-in-one product? One end of this mascara contains a built-in primer, which creates an even base, and the other end is rich and smooth mascara. It's also free of parabens, paraffin, silicones, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrances.

What a reviewer says: "Great for sensitive eyes. Provides great definition and is not clumpy. Very black color which is great as it accentuates eyelashes really well. Brush is just a dream and I enjoy using it every day, it does not smudge and I forgotten my Q tips that I used regularly with other mascaras to clean off the spots. Love the primer as it makes your lashes more defined and a little thicker."

Made with castor seed oil, trehalose, and peach leaf extract, this mascara with nourish, moisturize, and strengthen your lashes. It's also smudge-proof, flake-proof, and water-resistant.

What a reviewer says: "I have sensitive eyes and this mascara did not make my eyes watery or itchy. It stayed on and did not flake. Definitely a top must-have mascara for me!"

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The 13 Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes



Clinique's eyeliner pencil glides on so smoothly it doesn't tug the gentle skin on your eyelids. It's also long-wearing and water-resistant.

The eye shadows in this palette are made with 100% natural ingredients like bamboo, honey, and other vitamins. It's formulated for people with sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers.

For a hypoallergenic liquid-eyeliner option, try this one from Neutrogena. The highly pigmented and water-resistant liner is formulated with natural honey and coconut.

This eye shadow palette is made with mineral pigments for rich color and cold-pressed botanicals to nourish and smooth the skin. It's also talc-free.

And if you have sensitive eyes, you know it's important to have a makeup remover that's gentle on sensitive skin too. This one is fragrance-free and oil-free. Plus, it's made with aloe vera, ginseng, and green tea.

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