The Fuss-Free Outfit to Wear When Hosting a Party

We all love attending those stylish soirées that are Instagram gold—who doesn't adore a good party? But every now and then, it becomes your turn to actually throw one, and putting together an event requires a bit more attention than 'gramming one. While you may feel frantic about all of the planning involved (the menu, the décor, and so on), the one thing you shouldn’t fret about is your outfit—especially when there’s a formula that always work. 

Blogger Kimberly Lapides of Eat.Sleep.Wear is fully versed in being a savvy hostess, and she knows a thing or two about planning out the perfect party look. Her #1 rule? Go with a flowy dress. “I know we all gravitate to skinny jeans and a good button-down, but dressing up creates a more polished feel, and guests will appreciate your presentation both on the table and on yourself,” Lapides tells us. Plus, throwing on one dress is infinitely simpler—and still comfortable!—than figuring out a pieced-together ensemble. 

Ahead, we asked Lapides and Gilt for what to look for when shopping for that hostess-becoming dress for your next party. Read on for her tips.

A dress with a standout print will get the conversation flowing. Lapides opted for a chic floral dress from Gilt for this reason, and adds, “It’s trendy and casual. This dress has great movement, and the sheer material is really elegant. What I love is this makes me feel dressed up but not restricted. I can easily run around the kitchen getting my last bits together for my guests.”

One thing is for certain: You need to feel comfortable in your outfit the day of the event. “Make sure your look moves with you,” Lapides advises. “You don’t want to be wearing a pencil skirt when you’re carrying plates from the kitchen to your table.”

A flirty dress is your best bet because it’s stylish without being over the top. “I love dressing up, but I don’t want to make my guests feel like they underdressed,” Lapides says. But wait — don't forget about shoes. While Lapides is prepping for the party, she admits to running around sans shoes for comfort, but when guests arrive, she slips on a pair of shoes, saying, "heels are the perfect way to spice up a look. This pair gives that extra little bit of spice to my look." We especially agree with this, and her choice of shoes is an ideal choice for comfort and style. 

How will you incorporate these tips into the next event you host? Tell us in the comments below.

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