The 18 Best Hand Sanitizers That Deserve a Spot in Your Bag


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If anything, we've learned that hand sanitizers are so essential, especially when you're not able to thoroughly wash your hands. Keeping everything clean and germ-free is the ultimate goal.

The thing about hand sanitizers is it's so easy to blow through your stockpile, especially if you're using it on the regular. Luckily, there are so many different options and brands out there. There's truly something for everyone. Got sensitive skin? There are ones that will moisturize and not dry out your hands. Do you love fragrance? Sometimes there are options that smell even better than your signature perfume. And do you want something that's a little bit more sustainable? You can opt for refillable versions.


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The possibilities are truly endless. To help, I've rounded up a list of our favorite ones. Take a look below and happy hand-cleaning!


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