The Preppy Sweater Trend That's About to Dominate Fall 2021

best half-zip sweaters for fall



Every time fall comes around, without fail, I find myself rewatching the "sweata weatha" clip from Saturday Night Live featuring Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. Can you blame me? Even though Los Angeles hardly gets any fall weather, I always look forward to cozying up in new-season sweaters the second October hits. 

This year, I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of one specific type of sweater: half-zip sweaters with collars. A little bit preppy but absolutely classic, the style is endlessly wearable. Whether you're into a slim-fitting, long-sleeve version or a chunky, oversize one, I guarantee you'll find something you love in my handpicked roundup below. 

H&M always has the best prices. 

Striped sweaters are never a bad idea. 

half-zip sweaters for fall



This sleek one will keep you cozy and looking pulled-together at the same time. 

You can never go wrong with classic black. 

Yep, I'd also pair this sweater with matching white track pants. 

best half-zip sweaters for fall



Another excellent option that's great for layering. 

This is the perfect sweater if you're looking for a slim fit. 

best half-zip sweaters for fall



Wearing college sweatshirts will always remind me of Princess Diana. 

I'm obsessed with this fun lime green. 

I can always count on H&M to design wearable versions of all the latest trends. 

I highly recommend the matching sweatpants. 

This color feels so fresh for fall and winter. 

This is giving me Formula 1 vibes. 

Yellow is so unexpected for fall, but I'm very into it. 

A mix of wool and cashmere, this sweater screams luxury. 

The perfect thing to wear during fall and winter workouts. 

I always trust Nike to have the best performance pieces. 

This is perfectly styled with a baseball cap. 

I love all the button details on this one from Mango. 

A great Nordstrom find if I do say so myself.