33 Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Best Friend's Jaw Drop



Gift giving just so happens to be my love language, so I am very excited about the upcoming holiday season. Since this is my busiest time of year, I've totally dropped the ball in the past when it came to picking out cute tokens of my appreciation for my best friends. The holidays haven't even officially kicked off yet, but I'm determined to source really great gifts for each and every special person in my life this season. The planning starts now. 

One of the best ways to go about it is to share gifts with them based on their hobbies. I have a friend who won't stop raving about her favorite Pilates instructor and one who never seems to be able to stay in one city for more than a few days at a time, and there's definitely a great gift to give each of them that I'm excited to share. Below, find editor-approved gifts to give each and every type of friend in your life.

For the Fashion-Forward Friend:

We all know a fashion person or two, and it's no secret they love surprises. You don't have to spend a fortune to find them a gift that they'll love if you're a smart shopper. A really great fashion memoir or timely accessory will make all the difference.

Let them be one of the first to wear the newest It-girl brand.

Jewelry they can wear on New Year's Eve will come in clutch.

A scarf is a necessity for the season and the ultimate gift—upgrade it with these pretty bows. 

Anyone who loves fashion will be excited to read this book.

Make their lazy-day hairstyle look 10 times cooler.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like striped sweaters.

Give them the gift of people asking "Where did you get that from?"

For the Wellness Guru:

If you have a friend who won't stop resharing self-care mementos to their Instagram story, they're probably a wellness person. While you most likely can't get the infrared sauna into their home, they'll surely appreciate a new gua sha or journal.

This will quickly become part of your best friend's morning or nighttime routine.

Your favorite perfume comes in candle form.

I just got my first-ever Oura Ring, and I'm absolutely obsessed with being able to track my sleep and fitness without sacrificing style. I'm convinced it's the perfect wellness gift.

You can never have too many soft blankets.

Essential oils are given a makeover by Vitruvi. 

I've been using this to balance my hormones, and I'm obsessed with it.

I've seen enough TikToks to believe in the power of gua sha.

For the Frequent Flyer:

That friend who tracks their frequent-flyer miles like it's currency is probably someone who wouldn't think to buy themselves in-flight essentials because they're too busy saving up for their next trip. Do them a favor and find them a new lounge set or eye mask to wear on flights.

Your bestie is going to want to relax this holiday season.

This is the best thing to happen to my overpacked suitcase. 

Memories are the best gift to give.

Travel-sized skincare comes in so clutch.

For the Sephora Lover:

While some of your friends are loading up on miles, you probably have the one friend who cares more about their VIB status at Sephora. The bright lights and endless supply of beauty products have a hold on them for sure. Gift them with something they haven't gotten the chance to try yet, and they'll love you forever.

Everyone I know who has tried this system won't shut up about it.

Holiday candles win me over again and again.

This mask is praised all over the internet for a reason. It's said to work wonders for dry and irritated skin.

A refreshing addition to your bestie's hair routine.

Every TikTok-watching beauty gal knows this lip product is so good.

For the Pilates Princess:

Whether they're a Pilates princess or a gym rat, they're going to be glad you gifted them with these fitness essentials. People think all you need to get a good workout in is an activewear set and a pair of sneakers, but it's really all in the extra accessories.

A gift card to their favorite fitness studio will never fail to win them over.

Kaia Gerber has this fleece in multiple colors, so now, I want it.

I have owned multiple of these tumblers, and I'm telling you they're worth every penny.

I have one of these every time I go to a workout class, and it makes me feel so good before, during, and after.

The most flattering jumpsuit I've ever worn to Pilates.

I recently tried these and decided they are the best sneakers ever.