Goodbye, Skinnies—Hello, Flares: 30 Pairs I'm Shopping as We Speak

Every year when fall rolls around, a switch unconsciously flips in my head, transferring my every waking thought from dresses, miniskirts, and shorts to trousers—period. From September until April, if I'm not wearing jeans, you can bet big money that I'm in some sort of trousers, be it a wide-leg style or a more fitted one. This season, though, my options are looking a little less broad and a lot more focused on one particular style of pants: flares.

After years of searching for the perfect slacks for work, play, and everything in between, I've at last settled on flares as the style to beat. Whether they're paired with an oversize knit, a tailored blazer, or a simple tee, the retro silhouette always looks elevated, easy, and chic, three things I strive to achieve with every outfit I put together. And since I can't possibly be the only one whose goal when getting dressed involves looking and feeling good, I went ahead and made a list of fall flares that will achieve just that. Keep scrolling to shop the best pairs on the market this season.

I literally ran to buy these, and you best believe I'm copying this entire look.

This price is too good to pass up.

I can't stop staring at this outfit. 

Fall is here, and it's begging you to buy these cords in every color. 

J.Crew trousers are unmatched. 

White trousers are a bold choice that everyone should make. 

You could wear any shoes, from sneakers to boots to slingbacks, with these easy trousers. 

This new label is going to be everywhere very soon. 

Frame makes more than just chic jeans. 

I'm in love with this pretty shade of blue. 

If you're in the mood to splurge on something you'll own and cherish forever.

Wandler's ready-to-wear gets better and better every season.