How to Tell the Cool Trends From the Rest

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Whether or not you’re prepared to say goodbye to summer and brace for the arrival of fall, it’s just around the corner. As a fashion editor, I have certainly been thinking about it as new-season arrivals make their way to my favorite retailers, and I get a wave of excitement just thinking about slipping into more layers over the coming months. But recently, as I’ve been covering all the looming fall fashion trends, it got me thinking about which new fashion trends are really worth trying out IRL and which are best left on the runways.

Curious to get the input of an expert in the industry, I reached out to celebrity stylist Ashley Avignone to weigh in on how to separate the cool trends worth wearing from the rest. She explained that you can’t go wrong by wearing seasonless trends. “There are a few ‘trends’ every year that just get little tweaks, men’s tailoring for example. A great suit will always be in style. Also monochrome always feels polished and chic.” But she’s also getting into other trends that are specific to fall 2018. Ahead she’s breaking down the top fall trends to wear this season and the ones worth skipping.

Skip: Fanny Packs

Wear: Cowboy Boots

Avignone says, “Full confession: My dad wore a fanny pack when I was younger, so this is one I just can’t adapt for myself.” But if you’re looking for another on-trend accessory, she suggests going Western, explaining that she “can’t wait to wear all these great modern cowboy boots. I’m loving the pink snakeskin version by Fendi.”

Skip: Foil

Wear: Animal Print

Best fashion trends for prints



When it comes to the foil trend, Avignone explains: “I’m not into looking like a baked potato.” But she isn’t shy about making a statement. Instead of silver metallics, though, she’ll be turning to animal prints, which are one of her style staples: “Personally, I have this amazing leopard coat I bust out every fall, so I fully endorse this.”

Skip: Pajama Dressing

Best fashion trends for fall



When it comes to comfort, Avignone can’t get on board with the pajama dressing trend, noting, “because these are oversize by nature, they always end up looking a little too sloppy for my preference, especially for shorter girls like myself.” On the other hand, shearling is her way to pull off comfortable fashion. “Almost everyone showed a shearling coat or jacket, and there are so many great faux options!” she told Who What Wear.

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