The Best Fashion Bloggers in Every Age Group

In the constantly growing landscape of fashion bloggers, it's an unfortunate fact that the younger crowd significantly outnumbers ladies of a certain age. It seems everywhere you look, it's nothing but beautiful 20-somethings showing off their style, and while there are certainly more of them, that doesn't make them any more relevant or valuable than their more mature counterparts.

The segment of bloggers in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond may be small, but it's mighty. We aim to enlighten you, dear reader, about the ladies of all ages who are killing the fashion blogging game at the moment—from the 25-year-old whippersnappers to the 65-year-olds who've been at it for a good while longer. 

Keep scrolling to meet the best fashion bloggers of every age group! 



Look de Pernille
(Image credit: Look de Pernille)

Recently engaged Danish style star Pernille Teisbaek is a regular here on Who What Wear and for good reason: Her modern style is still somehow timeless, and she has mastered the ultimate coup d'état in fashion—she looks good in pretty much everything. 


The Haute Pursuit
(Image credit: The Haute Pursuit)

Vancouver, Canada-based blogger Vanessa Hong not only manages her wildly successful blog, The Haute Pursuit, but also her accompanying fashion line THP Shop, which is beloved by editors and street style stars alike. She's also a mainstay at every fashion week, and a street style star in her own right—photographers love shooting her uniquely edgy, contemporary style. 


Always Judging
(Image credit: Always Judging)

Los Angeles–based blogger Courtney Trop was one of the first ladies to bring laid-back yet elevated California style to the front row of fashion week. We love her sensibility for giving the Cali-girl vibe a unique twist. 



Stuff She Likes
(Image credit: Stuff She Likes)

Los Angeles–based blogger Taye Hansberry's intuitive sense of style and knack for successfully mixing and matching vintage pieces with high-end and rising designers has gotten her noticed as of late. She even landed on Vanity Fair's best-dressed list in 2014! 


Penny Pincher Fashion
(Image credit: Penny Pincher Fashion)

Portland, Oregon, native Kimberly Smith's claim to fame is taking high-fashion inspiration and making it insanely affordable. We don't hate it! 



Glam Up Your Lifestyle
(Image credit: Glam Up Your Lifestyle)

The mastermind behind Germany-based blog Glam Up Your Lifestyle proves you can stay on-trend and invest in cool pieces, regardless of your age. 


Not Dressed as Lamb
(Image credit: Not Dressed as Lamb)

Over-40 British blogger Catherine Summers has achieved great success with her blog, Not Dressed As Lamb, which she founded when she was 39 as a way to document how her style changed once she entered her 40s. Since then, she's won numerous blog awards and was even featured in The New York Times style section



The Middle Page
(Image credit: The Middle Page)

Fifty-something blogger Cathy Williamson earned her blog, The Middle Page, legions of loyal fans when she documented her trying battle with breast cancer in 2013. Now that she's cancer-free, she uses the blog to document her incredibly chic, high-minded style, which proves that being in your 50s does not mean having an old-fashioned aesthetic. 


That's Not My Age
(Image credit: That's Not My Age)

You might accurately describe Alyson Walsh as the Alexa Chung of her generation: She prefers wearing a good pair of jeans and a T-shirt to anything too fussy. She writes that she started her blog, That's Not My Age, with one mission: "I’ve always strongly believed that you don’t have to have youth to have style, and I wanted to share ideas and celebrate inspirational women (and men) of all ages." 



Not Dead Yet
(Image credit: Not Dead Yet)

The title of Patti Gibbons's blog, Not Dead Yet, really says it all. She might be a woman in her 60s, but she's not dead yet—and she certainly doesn't dress as such. With a penchant for a power print and a commitment to wearing exactly what she feels like wearing, Gibbons has our stamp of approval (as well as that of outlets like The Huffington Post). 


Lady of Style
(Image credit: Lady of Style)

The creative mind behind Lady of Style is another Germany-based blogger. She utilizes her platform to inspire more mature women the world over not to allow their age to hold them back or determine their style. We like her approach to elevated basics and workwear. 


Accidental Icon
(Image credit: Accidental Icon)

Lyn Slater has earned herself plenty of accolades and press (including from us at Who What Wear!) for her vivacious spirit and similarly poised sense of style. Her blog, Accidental Icon, is aptly titled: Slater had a successful career as a university professor before she embarked on her blog, which started as a fun hobby and launched her into the sartorial stratosphere.

Who are YOUR favourite bloggers of different ages? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Accidental Icon

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