Our Editors Agree—These 9 Facials Actually Make a Difference

With so many beauty treatments out there nowadays, it can be hard to suss out which facials are actually the best. Within skin treatments, there is a real breadth of facials to choose from. You have the traditional spa facials, which typically include plenty of skin massage and pummelling—and maybe some aromatherapy oils—to get the skin's lymphatic system moving for a sculpted finish and relaxed mindset. The kind of facial that relieves tension and leaves your shoulders a few inches lower as you walk out of the salon door.


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On the other end of the spectrum, you have high-tech, results-driven facials where several machines are used to achieve immediate and long-term results. Think radio frequency microneedling and LED light facials that work to plump skin from the inside out. They might not be quite as relaxing as the ones with twinkling music playing as you lie on the bed, but, you can bet your money that you'll see some serious results.

Other facials combine the best of both for a tailor-made approach, as everyone's skin is different. More and more salons are focusing on bespoke treatments for their clientele, so you can enter the treatment room and receive a custom facial, whether it be to address acne scarring, dryness or to give your skin an overall boost and healthy glow.

To find out what the best facial treatments depending on your unique skincare needs, I recruited the Who What Wear UK editors to put them to the test. We know—it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it, right?

The 9 Best Facials, as Reviewed by Editors

1. Exilis Elite London at Elenique


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Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi put the Exilis Elite London treatment to the test.

What is the Exilis Elite London?

Exilis Elite London is an award-winning device that glides across both face and body to smooth and contour through computer-controlled radio frequency and ultrasound which heats up the skin, melting fat cells and stimulating collagen. Elena Cudworth’s clinic on Fulham Road in London is particularly popular with girls such as Zara McDermott and the Made in Chelsea set.

What are the benefits of the Exilis Elite London treatment?

The benefits are quite varied. Elixis can tighten pores and reduce cellulite and smooth skin, but it’s the overall contouring effect that people really come for. This one-of-a-kind radio frequency machine can be used on the face and body to stimulate the production of collagen in the dermis (the deeper layer under your visible skin) leaving the skin smoother, plumped and fresh-looking without any need for injections or more invasive techniques. It can help reduce facial lines too, but for someone of my age (37 years old), it’s particularly popular for the jawline area.


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How should I prepare for Exilis Elite London treatment?

There’s nothing you really need to do beforehand but I would A) ensure that you’re with a trusted and reputable provider of Elixis, as this is a medical-grade piece of equipment, and B) be prepared to get feedback up-front on what Elixis will do to benefit you specifically. Every face is different! I went in assuming that my forehead wrinkles were the problem but actually Cudworth informed me that these were the kinds of lines related to my facial expressions and wouldn’t be as effectively treated through Elixis. Think more about lines associated with sagging or loss of that youthful plumpness and you’ll be more on the right track.

So, for me, it was all about combatting the effect gravity has been having on my jawline. It was something I had started to notice over the past few years but didn’t think it could be improved without a more extreme method.

Different areas can be treated within one session but it’s also quite common to begin the process by focusing on one particular area. It’s common that the area needs to be treated for around 15 minutes but this can vary. Prepare to feel the strong heat penetrating your skin, but if you’re someone like me who loves a sauna and enjoys being warm, then it’s quite a pleasant experience—one that many people can sleep through apparently! Be prepared to know that just one session won’t really have the greatest impact and that you’ll ideally have 4-6 on your target areas.

Does the Exilis Elite London Treatment have any side effects?

As with any facial aesthetics treatment, there are always potentially more serious but rare side effects that one needs to know about beforehand, and these are explained ahead of the appointment. There is an in-built heat control with the Elixis machine that monitors the skin temperature and pauses every 30 seconds. Afterwards, common side effects include temporary redness and potentially a tender feeling in the area treated because of the more vigorous facial massage required when gliding the machine over a layer of ultrasound gel.

Are there any aftercare requirements?

Not really. Just drink lots of water and stick to your normal skincare routine minus anything too harsh or abrasive straight after. Cudworth suggested continuing the good work by using a firming serum or moisturiser in the area.

What’s the cost of a Exilis Elite London treatment?

Prices vary depending on which part of the face (or body) you tackle in the session. A jawline session is £250, and a course of four would be £950.


(Image credit: @hannahalmassi)


(Image credit: @hannahalmassi)

The verdict?

For someone who would be far too terrified to try anything more invasive, I was pleasantly surprised to see such immediate results. The difference was subtle, but there was a difference. And the experience of it wasn’t overly painful, time-consuming or resulted in me feeling embarrassed to leave the salon afterwards—a little redness was all I experienced and it was soon gone.

It’s worth noting that although my skin responded well after just one session it is advised that you would have a series of at least 4–6 sessions to see the best results. Collagen production can take around three weeks to kick in, so although my jawline was more defined straight after the treatment, I will continue to check in on the results over the coming days.

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2. EMFACE at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic


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Shopping Editor Remy Farrell tried the EMFACE treatment.

What is an EMFACE facial?

Well, first and foremost, it’s not a "facial” in the traditional sense. Rather than working on the surface of your skin for clarity and glow, EMFACE combines radiofrequency and high-intensity facial electrical stimulation to tighten skin and tone facial muscles–think of it like a workout for your face. "We lose around 8–10% of our muscle bulk a year as we age,” says Galyna Selezenva, clinician and sculpting expert at The Dr Rita Rakus Clinic. "So this is the first treatment that addresses rejuvenating the muscle and the skin as well”. You may have already heard of EMsculpt Neo that works on the rest of the body with the same principles (in fact, Kim Kardashian is one of its celebrity fans, undergoing the treatment on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardshians), but while it has been long established in the U.S., the facial counterpart is brand new, and only a handful of salons in the UK carry the technology for the procedure. 

What are the benefits of an EMFACE facial?

In short, the EMFACE promises a firmer, sculpted, rejuvenated face without having to go under the knife, and in the age of the "buccal fat removal” procedure trending on TikTok, this is immediately music to my ears. Applicators are placed on the forehead and cheeks before using radiofrequency to tighten skin and electrical pulses to stimulate and tone the elevator muscles in each area of the face. And, having tried the EMsculpt technology on both my face and abs, I can assure you that the intensity on the face is pretty gentle in comparison. The sensation starts similar to a tingling and works its way up to the feeling of a slight spasm or a deep frown, a slight tug in the muscle that rights itself and relaxes before the pulse causes it to twitch again, and so the process goes on for 20 minutes. Once the applicators are removed your skin is finished with a peptide complex mist and a little SPF, as all of the best dermatologists would.

How should I prepare for an EMFACE facial?

Very little preparation needs to be done in advance. As I usually would, I went into the appointment without makeup and with clean skin, and before the applicators are applied, the skin is gently cleansed first. 

Does an EMFACE facial have any side effects?

The beauty of a facial treatment that works under the surface is that without any acids, peels or extractions, there are almost no visible side effects (even on sensitive skin), and, unlike a session at the gym, there was no tightness or cramping in the muscles after the session. Win, win. 

Are there any aftercare requirements?

As you’d expect with any toning exercise, to get the most out of the treatment's contouring and plumping effect, you’d have to complete a course (usually around four sessions), and most clients keep it topped up with regular appointments.

What’s the cost of an EMFACE treatment?

£3000 for a course of four sessions.


(Image credit: @remyfarrell)


(Image credit: @remyfarrell)

My verdict?

There’s something to be said about a procedure that uses no needles, knives or invasive techniques, and as an introduction to "tweakments” it's a gentle, safe and easy method that you can feel (and see) working. After one session it is difficult to ascertain what the long term results will be, but I notice more definition around my jawline (which is exactly where I wanted it the most), and after trying the same technology on my stomach, there is an immediate difference in my upper abs that I immediately photograph and share with my friends and family out of sheer disbelief. Overall, the concept makes total sense, but just like a commitment to exercising and a better diet, to get the best contouring and wrinkle-plumping effects, be prepared to invest in this for the long term, as it isn’t a quick fix that will change your look overnight.

Book EMFACE at The Dr Rita Rakus Clinic.

3. Rhian Truman London Monthly Maintenance and Skincare Plan


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What is the London Monthly Maintenance Facial and Skincare Plan?

Rhian Truman is an independent (read: totally unbiased) expert facialist based in the capital. I popped into her Notting Hill base to experience the London Monthly Maintenance Facial—a classic, albeit very thorough, facial with all the necessary and very valued steps to get deeply cleansed, and rejuvenated skin.

Trust me when I say it’s so much more than this. It involves a cleanse, skin consultation, exfoliation, steam and purifying extraction (painful in the most satisfying way). You’re then treated to antibacterial high frequency to reduce inflammation and encourage lymphatic flow (puffiness be gone!) followed by the most heavenly facial massage to plump and tone, masks, and a neck and scalp massage (dreamy, right?). Of course, the session is rounded off with the application of an expertly curated selection of creams, serums and moisturisers tailored specifically to your skin to leave you looking like you just came out of the womb again. Sorry for that visual, but it’s true.

Her tailored skincare plan can be undertaken alone or as a facial add-on—and is something I think is totally unique and a trick the industry has been missing. For this, Truman takes the time to discuss with you your skincare needs, examine the skin and cut through the noise of the overwhelming beauty industry to offer non-biased expert guidance on the best products out there for you—totally tailored to your budget.


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What are the benefits of the Monthly Maintenance Facial and Skincare Plan?

Truman’s facials are the ultimate reset for your skin and have obvious physical benefits for those targeting specific skin issues or after some really thorough pampering. But what sets Truman’s facials apart is Truman herself: Her kind nature immediately puts you at ease the moment you step inside her door, making it a truly personal experience that provides not only short-term benefits but long-term, too (trust me—she’s a great contact to have in your phone).

If you’ve never had a facial before, there couldn’t be a better place to start, and her unbiased, humble approach to skincare is invaluable. She’ll genuinely tailor her process to your skin, using only the best products from clean beauty brands like RéVive, Aurelia and Susanne Kauffman to get the very best results.

How should I prepare for the Monthly Maintenance Facial and Skincare Plan?

Truman will send you her pre-treatment consultation form to get to know a bit about you and your skin, but other than that, come as you are.

Does the facial have any side effects?

Like any facial, there may be a little redness from all the attention afterwards but no side effects other than incredible skin and a lifelong skincare plan.

Are there any aftercare requirements?

There are no physical requirements specific to the treatment. If you opt-in for the skincare plan, though, Truman will send over a detailed yet easy-to-follow guide for you with tailored product suggestions (which I immediately took straight to the nearest beauty counter with me).


(Image credit: @emilydawes)


(Image credit: @emilydawes)

My verdict?

The only way I can describe Truman and her hands is pure magic. I would recommend her (and have done many times) to anyone that’s in need of some serious pampering or honest and genuine help with what can seem like the overwhelming task of nailing down their skincare routine. As you can probably guess from the name, the London Monthly Maintenance facial is the holy grail of regular deep cleanses and facial attention, but it also works really well as a seasonal or one-off boost.

The Skincare Plan couldn’t be better for someone who would love to get to grips with their routine—whether you’re new to using products or simply looking for something more tailored like a pre-wedding routine (brides love her). In my opinion? Worth every penny. This facial is best for beginners or anyone feeling overwhelmed with the beauty industry.

Book Rhian Truman's Rhian Truman London Monthly Maintenance & Skincare Plan.

4. Aqua Tight Facial at Shane Cooper


(Image credit: @joy.ejaria)

Social media Editor Joy Ejaria road-tested the Aqua Tight Facial at Shane Cooper.

What is an Aqua Tight Facial?

The Aqua Tight facial is a bespoke and advanced version of a hydrafacial, which uses more products and steps to tackle specific skin issues.

What are the venefits of an Aqua Tight Facial?

The results of the facial can be noticed immediately because the skin does feel tighter and smoother straight after the treatment. But the real results kick in a few days after with results from the radio frequency step of the facial lasting up to 12 weeks. 

How should I prepare for an Aqua Tight facial?

Not much needs to be done to prepare for an Aqua Tight facial, however, it’s worth remembering your current skincare routine and any key ingredients you might be using because your facialist will ask that. Since it’s a bespoke treatment, your main problem areas, and what’s missing from your routine will be considered in order to decide the best course of action for the facial.


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Do Aqua Tight Facials have any side Effects?

Side effects of the Aqua Tight facials are usually based on an individual’s skin type. I have sensitive skin and am usually very, very scared of trying new products due to fear of a reaction, however, I didn’t experience any side effects with this facial. The consultation was a handy step in the process because it helped my facialist understand my skin woes and cater the treatment to fit my needs. Straight after the treatment and the rest of the day, my skin was a little tight and red. I was also warned not to panic should I experience any influx in spots. This is usually due to the toxins being flushed out and will clear up within days.

Are there any aftercare requirements?

I was given a couple of sachets of Shane Cooper’s Collagen Firming Cream and Hyaluronic Boosting Serum to use the day after the treatment and was advised to avoid using retinol for a few days after. 

What’s the cost of an Aqua Tight Facial? 

The Aqua Facial costs £395.


(Image credit: @joyfuljoyous1)

My Verdict?

If there’s a side effect, I will experience it— that’s always been the case for anything new I try, so with that, I made sure to steer clear of trying anything new, especially on my face. In addition to that, I’m very sceptical about the results promised by facials, so, of course, I was pleasantly surprised by the results of the Aqua Tight Facial. It’s no wonder why TV stars like Gail Porter, Maya Jama and Rochelle Humes rush to Shane Cooper’s clinic days before an appearance.

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5. The Bespoke Super Facial at Keren Bartov Advanced Clinic


(Image credit: @sophie_cookson)

Insights Manager Sophie Cookson tried the bespoke Super Facial at Kerena Bartov Advanced Clinic.

Keren Bartov is famous in the world of skin treatments, with clients including Gal Galdot it is no surprise that her clinic in Israel has received a cult-like status. She is opening up her new clinic in Notting Hill in January, much to the joy of her regulars. 

Bartov provides a totally bespoke experience for each of her clients which has led to a four-week waiting list despite the doors not being open yet. Instead of booking a treatment, you book time with Bartov where she will analyse your skin to tailor the experience to your needs. Bartov has 15 of the best skincare devices to help repair, firm and glow your skin along with tackling skin conditions from acne to rosacea and for age maintenance. She uses different technologies of radio waves, ultrasounds and lasers combined with her own products that have individually taken over two years to develop. 


(Image credit: @sophie_cookson)

What is a bespoke facial?

Bartov and her team are so warm, genuine and welcoming, I instantly felt comfortable and relaxed when I walked into her clinic. The treatment started with a deep cleanse and massage of the face, neck and top of the shoulders to remove any makeup, suncream, and any residual products.

Next, she did a professional skin diagnosis to focus on my problem areas. She identified acne scarring, melasma pigmentation and general sensitivity from using retinoids (something she told me is great for some people, but for me to stop as my skin type is thin and sensitive). She is renowned for clearing skin of scarring and pigmentation, however, for this session, she wanted to focus on a more gentle treatment using collagen and deep moisturising treatments. She recommends that everyone start using collagen treatments from the age of 25, as the elasticity of the skin reduces significantly by the time that you are 40.

The first machine that she used on me was the Lumenis IPL machine, where the lights of the machine infiltrate through three layers of the skin to help with pigmentation and to help produce more collagen naturally. The sensation was a mixture of hot and cold as it moved over my skin, and was completely painless. 

The next machine used is one used by many celebrities, including the Kardashians. The Exilis Ultra 360 laser is a radio-frequency and ultrasound device that delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin. It will take a few weeks to see the results of this treatment while the new collagen is forming. 

After that came the Pollogen Laser, which encourages the natural processes of skin rejuvenation through another combination of radio-frequency and ultrasound. The repetitive movement of the wand on my cheeks, lips and forehead was so relaxing, I felt completely at ease on the table. 

Next was the Alma Harmony XL Pro, which used a different radio frequency to stimulate the collagen in my skin. By this time in the treatment, I could feel the effects of the different machines on my skin, my face already felt fuller and tighter. 

Finally, she used the Alma Accent Prime machine combined with her own serums containing collagen and vitamin E to infiltrate the deeper levels of skin to finish the treatment, which was incredibly soft on my skin.


(Image credit: @sophie_cookson)

What are the benefits of having a bespoke facial?

The benefits of having a bespoke facial are endless. They will cater each treatment to skin type, problem areas and even if you are sick. After the diagnosis, Bartov told me exactly what my problem areas were and exactly how she would tackle them. I have been using Differin, a doctor-prescribed retinol, since I stopped using roaccutune to tackle my acne, however, without Bartov looking at my skin under a microscope, I wouldn’t have known that it was actually damaging my skin. 

Almost all the treatments are noninvasive, except laser, and work to reach the deeper levels of your skin meaning longer-lasting results. You can see the full results after three weeks, depending on your skin type as every skin type is different. 

How should I prepare for a facial?

The best tip before you meet Bartov and her team is to not use any retinoids or acids for at least 48 hours before your facial. If you do, it might determine which lasers and products that will be used on your skin. 

Does the Bespoke facial have any side effects?

As the treatments were non-invasive and could be considered "lunchtime treatments,” as there were no side effects apart from a little redness. If I had one of the more extreme lasers to tackle the acne scars on my face, there would have been redness for five days after.

Are there any aftercare requirements?

You shouldn’t use any acids or harsh products for 48 hours after your treatment as the skin will still be sensitive. No hot water for four hours, but the day after, you can wear makeup and continue with your daily routine. Not so much a requirement for the facial, but a top tip from Bartov, you should be reapplying factor 50 SPF every two hours for full coverage. Even if you have makeup on, you can just dab it (not wipe) on top to keep your face looking younger and healthier.

I got to take home a trio of Bartov's own brand of products to try after the treatment. While you can buy the products online, they would rather recommend the products in person once they know your skin type. To start is the Booster Peel & Glow Serum which was to be used five days after treatment. To be used in the morning for the face and neck. As it contains lactic acid, tricide acid and ceramides, it should be introduced slowly into your routine, starting off with twice a week, and build up your resistance by adding a day each week. 

The advanced pro-active serum is to be warmed in your hand before putting it on your face, and should avoid the eye area. This product is great to reduce scarring, pigmentation and is anti-ageing. The best result is when it's combined with the Glow Booster Serum Peel. 

The "magic serum” or "saviour” in Israel, actually called Advanced Skin Repair Serum, is for all types of skin. The oil can be used multiple times a day after the acids. I kid you not, after waiting a few minutes for it to settle my skin felt like pure silk. 

What’s the cost of a bespoke facial

Due to the bespoke nature of the clinic, typical treatments vary from £200–£800. It depends entirely on the type of facial that you and Bartov decide upon as each appointment will use a different variation of the 15 machines that she has in the clinic. Once Bartov has analysed what sort of treatment is needed, she will share the cost and you can determine whether you want to do the treatment or a more affordable treatment if it is out of your price range. 


(Image credit: @sophie_cookson)


(Image credit: @sophie_cookson)

My verdict?

Although it is meant to take three weeks for the results to show, my skin felt instantly tighter and firmer straight after the appointment. Since my facial, I have had compliments on how glowy my skin looks and my boyfriend (who notices nothing) thought my face looked tighter and had almost changed shape. I would recommend this to everyone who is looking to start their skincare journey and to those who get frequent facials. The process is so unique and personal to your own skin journey, you will see the benefits after one session or continuous results if you go back for multiple treatments.

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6. Collagen Boost LED Facial at The Light Salon


(Image credit: @rebeccarhysevans)

Branded Content Editor Rebecca Rhys-Evans tried an LED Facial at The Light Salon.

As a facial novice, I was excited to try the Light Salon’s Collagen Boost LED facial. I’d heard a lot about the benefits of LED therapy and hadn’t gotten around to trying it either myself at home or as part of a treatment. As the salon is in Selfridges, I headed there in between appointments.

What is the Collagen Boost LED Facial?

My facialist Chiara completely cleansed my skin and placed a sheet mask over it before putting me under the LED machine for 10 minutes. There wasn’t much sensation or feeling to this, just a little warmth after one minute. The LED wavelengths boost cellular performance and stimulate collagen, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, corrects the complexion and helps to heal any acne. After this finished, I opted for a hydration mask, which Chiara messaged into my face and neck, concentrating on my driest areas.

What are the benefits of The Collagen Boost LED Facial?

Different LED wavelengths help to kickstart collagen production, helping to plump the skin and boost the complexion.

How Should I Prepare for The Collagen Boost LED Facial? I was at first worried that as I was wearing makeup, I wasn’t really coming prepared, but Chiara assured me that no prep was needed.


(Image credit: @rebeccarhysevans)

Are there any aftercare requirements? As I was dashing to another meeting, I was impressed to hear that no aftercare was required, and I could even put makeup back on if I wanted. Chiara did recommend an AHA peel for my acne scars, but if you’re looking to do this, ensure you don’t use any retinol the night before (I did, don’t make my mistake!).

What’s the cost of The Collagen Boost LED Facial

At £50 for a 30-minute appointment—and also in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols—it’s perfect if you’re on the go and want something you can continue with your day after. In other words, it won’t leave you so red that you’ll need to hibernate for 12 hours. Amen to that!


(Image credit: @rebeccarhysevans)


(Image credit: @rebeccarhysevans)

My verdict?

Overall, the facial was light but restorative. I was left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and my skin was noticeably plumper and smoother.

Book the Collagen Boost LED Facial at The Light Salon.

7. Hydrafacial at Thérapie Clinic


(Image credit: @maxineeggenberger)

Deputy Editor Maxine Eggenberger tried out the coveted HydraFacial at Thérapie Clinic, Edinburgh.

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacials work by removing dead skin cells and extracting impurities while at the same time enriching the skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums, all using hydradermabrasion and vortex technology and devices. The results are immediate: a complexion that looks and feels soft, plump, and glowy. Painless with zero downtime, it can be customised to reflect skin concerns and seasonal needs. As someone who knew very little about the intricacies of HydraFacials before having the treatment for myself (save perhaps for the videos of the post-treatment extraction water that keep cropping up on TikTok), spoiler alert: This is one of the most hydrating and cleansing skin treatments out there.

What are the benefits of a HydraFacial?

To talk about the benefits, it’s probably best to break down the aspects of the HydraFacial itself, as each one unlocks its own set of advantages.

1. Cleanse and Peel

This step allows your facialist to uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing using glycolic and salicylic acids. This is critical to achieving that renowned HydraFacial glow.

2. Extract and Hydrate

This stage involves a suction device which removes debris from pores and is completely painless. I have relatively small pores but they can be more predominant on the sides of my nose. As such, we focused on this area, and although I experienced redness for a short time afterwards, there was no irritation or discomfit during or after. After your skin is cleared of impurities, it is nourished with intense moisturisers for an all-over quench.

3. Fuse and Protect

The skin is then saturated with antioxidants and peptides to maximise your glow.


(Image credit: @maxineeggenberger)

How should I prepare for a HydraFacial?

The main thing to be aware of before getting a HydraFacial is to ensure that you are not suffering from any acute dryness or active breakouts. It’s also advised that you avoid any active ingredients for 48 hours prior to the treatment. Additionally, if you are on any medication or are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is imperative you contact your clinic beforehand to discuss your personal circumstances in greater detail; it may be that they advise you against a HydraFacial at that time, but it is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Do HydraFacials have any side effects?

You should not have any side effects for the HydraFacial, just good skin! Still, you know your skin better than your facialist ever could; if you have had reactions to other treatments in the past, but think a HydraFacial could be the right one for you (you have every reason to believe it could be), the professionals still advise leading a few days or a week after having your facial before a special event. Although HydraFacials are incredibly popular with brides-to-be looking to give their skin a pep ahead of their big day, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Are there any aftercare requirements?

After the HydraFacial, your skin should be soft and subtle (mine certainly was!). To help the suppleness to last longer, it’s worth treating your skin to a hydrating moisturiser morning and night. Products with soothing vitamin C are ideal for this. Because a HydraFacial is generally considered to be kind to skin, you should be able to continue with whatever skincare routine you had beforehand.

What’s the cost of a HydraFacial?

The cost of a single HydraFacial at Therapie Clinic costs £149.95, but packages are available. For three it’s £380.85 (a saving of 15%), six it’s £719.70 (a 20% saving) and 10 at £1099.50 (a saving of 25%). Because the treatment is noninvasive and widely considered to be gentle on the skin, you could have another HydraFacial as soon as two weeks later.


(Image credit: @maxineeggenberger)


(Image credit: @maxineeggenberger)

My verdict?

Rather unexpectedly, my HydraFacial experience made me learn to love my pores! As I said previously, I was almost completely unfamiliar with the process of a HydraFacial, except for the fact that you can see what has been extracted from the skin by way of a vial of fluid. I know this will turn the stomachs of some, but me? I couldn’t wait to see what had been removed. Initially, I was disappointed—I couldn’t see any tangible blackheads. This might sound like a humble brag but it isn’t. I have always been self-conscious about my pores. Although I can cover them up with makeup pretty easily, without them, they are somewhat obvious, and I always thought they were filled with blackheads. Apparently not.

"Your skin is lovely and clear; what we took out was buildup derived by pollution and makeup; your pores aren’t anything to worry about,” my tech reassured me. Of course, I loved the post-facial glow, which seems to resurface whenever I top up my skin with even the slightest smear of moisturiser, but the long-term impact it's had on how I view my pores is priceless. Sure, they might be bigger than I’d like, but they’re not filled with the yucky stuff I assumed they were. And that’s given me more confidence to wear less makeup in the six days since. While it’s non-invasive and pain-free, I wouldn't necessarily say the treatment is "relaxing.” Carried out by machine and different devices, it’s less spa-like than the facials I’ve had previously but which, admittedly, had little effect on my skin. This is no bad thing, and while craving out time to do something nice for yourself is certainly cathartic in its own right, it’s worth knowing what to expect before you book. I guess the big question is, would I book one again? The answer to that is yes, based on the post-treatment glow and suppleness alone. However, I’d really like to take a friend along with me next time to see how our results (specifically the extraction element) differ. 

Book the Hydrafacial at Thérapie Clinic.

8. The Egyptian Facial at Dr David Jack


(Image credit: @remyfarrell)

Shopping Editor Remy Farrell gave The Egyptian Facial a whirl at Dr David Jack.

What Is an Egyptian Facial?

A modern take on Cleopatra’s own rumoured beauty routine of milk and fruit acid peels combined with face shaving, this facial uses a course of medical-grade peels followed by dermaplaning to reveal brighter, fresher skin, followed by a nourishing vitamin treatment. 

What are the benefits of an Egyptian Facial?

At the Dr David Jack clinic in Harley Street, the Egyptian facial is the basis of all of their facials. The idea is that by gently exfoliating and removing dead skin, the Egyptian method allows products to deeply penetrate for more effective results, and it is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive facial treatments I have ever experienced. 

The facial begins with a two-step deep cleanse followed by a bespoke blend of Lactic, Mandelic and Azelaic acids depending on your individual needs. While my skin isn’t particularly sensitive, I was sceptical about using any acids that it isn’t necessarily used to, but aesthetician Iris Maglanoc assures me that this method uses a micro rather than a stronger TCA peel, so instead of any burning or rawness, there is only the intense tingling feeling that comes with really clean skin. 

Next is dermaplaning, something that people seem to either love or be wary of. "Most people think that it is shaving the face,” says Maglanoc, "but throughout the process, dermaplaning is actually just scraping away dead skin cells, and with it, it just so happens that an added bonus is the removal of the baby, vellus hair that people often call peach fuzz”. And in the hands of a professional, the sensation is a light scraping (no pain, and no discomfort at all), before finishing with vitamin application and a thorough lymphatic drainage massage that actually encourages definition in my cheekbones and my jawline to reappear.


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How should I prepare for an Egyptian Facial?

There aren’t prerequisites for the facial, but I recommend going in with plenty of questions and a basic knowledge of what your skin likes and doesn’t like, from there the team can better determine which acids to use and in which order to give you the best possible results. As someone who went in feeling like my skin was a little bit dull and congested, we started with a lactic acid that helps eliminate accumulated dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin.

Do Egyptian Facials have any side effects?

A post-peel neutraliser is applied to calm the effects of the acids, so you needn’t worry about any burning. It's far more gentle than the term "acid” implies, but although my skin tone doesn’t tend to show any redness, those with fairer skin can expect to see a little bit of a flush after such a deep cleanse and stimulating massage, but this will settle after an hour or so. 

Are there any aftercare requirements?

There aren’t any recommended aftercare steps, but I do leave the clinic with a new, entirely personalised routine from Iris that will continue to maintain that post-facial glow and look after my skin in the long term. 

What’s the cost of an Egyptian Facial?

£250 per one-hour session.


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My verdict?

Just from examining my face before we get started, Iris knows which side I sleep on (I’m holding tension in the left side of my jaw), my penchant for eating salty snacks at night (contributing to the stubborn puffiness I hadn’t known how to get rid of), and that I go to the gym (my pores were congested where I sweat from the most), and this kind of specialist knowledge allowed her to tailor the facial to exactly what I needed and where.

If, like me, you’d been going through a standard cleanse, tone, and moisturise routine but hadn’t given your skin a deeper cleanse for a while, I recommend this facial as a total reset. It’s incredibly difficult to resist touching my face as when the light hits it, it looks like polished glass, but when I do it’s strokable and soft, and I immediately notice the contouring effect of the lymphatic massage in front of my ears and around my jaw. It is always difficult to recommend how treatments will work for different skin types, but for me, my skin took to the process without any irritation, and I’m particularly impressed as to how it works for common skin issues that women of colour experience like hyperpigmentation and dark scarring.

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9. Tata Harper Custom Facial at Oh My Cream!


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Affiliates Editor Emily Dawes tried the Tata Harper Custom Facial at Oh My Cream!

What is an Oh My Cream! Tata Harper Custom Facial?

On paper, this is "a complete, all-round treatment to discover the world of Tata Harper skincare" as well as a chance to experience Oh My Cream’s pleasing-on-the-eye skincare-haven-meets-salon space.

Although the French-born destination also offers facials with their own-brand products, as the name suggests mine used predominantly Tata Harper products—all 100% organic (and consistently recommended to me by experts, I may add), and thanks to the custom nature it was tailored completely to my own skin—something I always look for in a facial. Although it may differ depending on your needs, the process involved a skin consultation followed by all the usual loveliness—double cleanse, luxurious serums and a double mask to finish things off.

The best part by far, however, was the amount of massage included. My face, scalp, neck, shoulders and arms were all seen too, with so much attention paid to relaxation as well as stimulation to ensure you leave feeling sculpted and a lot less tense.


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What are the benefits of an Oh My Cream! Tata Harper Custom Facial?

Tata Harper’s products are incredibly active (while still being gentle), so this is a traditional facial that really works if you’re looking to revive tired, dehydrated or

congested skin. With it being completely custom, you can tailor it to your specific wants and needs and if you’re after a bit of relaxing indulgence, too you’ll find all of that here.

How should I prepare for an Oh My Cream! Tata Harper Custom Facial?

The Oh My Cream! experts walked me through the whole experience and took time to really look at my skin and consider what it needed at the beginning of the facial, so there’s no real need to prepare anything at all. Of course, if you want to, it’s always helpful to think about what you want to get out of your time, or if there are any Tata products you’re desperate to try, and mention this to your therapist from the outset.

Does the Oh My Cream! Tata Harper Custom Facials have any side effects?

It’s hard to answer this given the custom nature of the facial but, in general, no. There shouldn’t be any long-lasting negative side effects, only good ones like glowing, smoother skin! I must be honest here and mention that one of the products (the resurfacing mask) was quite potent for my rosacea-prone skin and I left with quite a bit of redness. The therapist assured me it would settle quickly, though, thanks to the calming products she finished with and she was right. Within about 10–15 minutes afterwards, I was left with only great results.

Are there any aftercare requirements?


What’s the cost of the Tata Harper Bespoke Facial at Oh My Cream! salon?



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(Image credit: @emilydawes)

My verdict?

As traditional facials go, this has everything I could want and I would definitely treat myself to another visit for a birthday or special occasion. Excellent quality luxury products that really work, as well as an indulgent massage had me leaving feeling pampered and relaxed but it also left me with clearer, glowy skin that received many compliments from the Who What Wear team afterwards. This facial is best for indulgence that shows results.

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