I Joined the 21st Century and Tried This Skincare Product—Now I'm Obsessed

Admittedly, I keep things pretty minimal when it comes to my skincare and makeup. For skincare, I stick to these: facial cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliator, moisturizer, night cream, and sunscreen. And of course, I am always trying new options from brands in those categories, but when it comes to branching out into other types, like a face oil or face mist, I'm not one to experiment. I'm stubborn when it comes to my routines!

But recently, since I've been spending more time at home, I've started trying out the products that have been chilling, unopened, in my beauty stash. And that's how I became a face-mist evangelist.


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I always thought face mists were pretty pointless. I mean, I knew they were refreshing, but I never really understood the need for them. I could wash my face and put on some products to help relieve my skin instead. My main mistake: I was overlooking just how helpful they can be throughout the day.

I had a bottle of Mario Badescu's facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rose water that I had gotten as a gift from a friend. So on a very hectic work-from-home day, I decided to spritz it on. Not to be dramatic, but it felt like I went to the spa, even if just for 10 seconds. Being able to take a few minutes to get up, stop looking at my computer, and spritz my face gave me a much-needed pick-me-up. My face looked less tired and brighter, and it lifted my mood, too. 

Ever since that day, it's become part of my workday routine. Sometimes I even spritz multiple times a day when I'm feeling especially stressed. Not only has it calmed my work anxiety and stress, but it's also made a difference in my skin. It's a lot more hydrated, which makes sense since before, I was just applying moisturizer in the morning and at night. And my complexion looks a lot brighter and less dull, which is what I've been experiencing since I've been spending a lot more time at home. 

So I'm sorry, face mists, for sleeping on you for so long. But now I'm a believer. And if this has compelled you to get on the train, or maybe you're already a fan and want some more recs, I've rounded up a list of some face mists to try below. Happy misting!

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