The Party Shoes Celebrities Swear By

If there’s any group of people we can blindly trust when it comes to perfecting party dressing (which includes achieving a flattering look above all else), its celebrities and, of course, their stylists. After all, not only do these It girls constantly attend all kinds of events, but with their every move and outfit being constantly photographed, they have much more than any of us to lose should they step out in a sub-par ensemble. The result? 99% of the time, they don’t. 

That’s why this holiday season, before we finalize our going-out looks, we thought it would be fitting to take cues from some of our favorite stylish celebs to see how they top off their party outfits. Of course, we’re referring to their choice of footwear, because nothing makes (or breaks) an outfit quite like shoes.

From pumps to barely there sandals, scroll through to see the five most popular go-to choices of your favorite celebrities.

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