Trust Me: These Elite Curling Wands Will Leave You With Bouncy, Voluminous Waves

Have you ever had a hair appointment where the stylist has curled your lengths to perfection, only for those bouncy waves to drop out as soon as you step outside? Yep, we've all been there. If you're not blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair, then sometimes the mere thought of turning your curling wand on can seem like such a chore. Here at Who What Wear UK, we know the importance of a quick and easy beauty routine. Let's face it—none of us have hours to spend on our hair and makeup in the morning, so we've made it our mission to find the most efficient products out there to share with our readers. 

When it comes to curling wands, we've all tested our fair share over the years, so we thought it was only right to put together our ultimate guide to the best tools out there for you to shop. These curling wands are easy to use and keep your waves in place. Simple. Intrigued? I thought so. Keep on scrolling for all the information you need, and get ready for your best hair yet. 


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Which Curling Wand Is Best?

First things first, which curling wand should you go for? This really depends on what kind of result you want. Those of you who prefer a tight curl will want something with a really thin barrel, whereas those who want more voluminous waves should opt for a larger barrel. However, if you like beachy waves, you might want to try a waver which comes with three barrels to get that relaxed, lived-in finish.

What to Look for in a Curling Wand

Once you've decided what sort of curling wand you want, it's important to know what specifications to look for:

Shape: As mentioned above, the first thing to consider is the shape. Most curling wands will come with an individual barrel, and the larger the barrel size, the larger the curls and waves it'll create. 

Heat: You also want to consider the heat settings your curling wand comes with. Those of you with thicker hair will benefit from higher heat settings, however, it's important to note that more heat will mean more damage to the hair, so make sure you're using a heat protectant. 

Special features: Lastly, think about if you want any special features. Do you want an extra-long cord so that you can use your curling wand on the opposite side of the room to the plug? Do you want a fast heat-up time for those busy mornings? Do you want your curling wand to come with a heat-protective glove to make styling even easier, or a mat to protect your surfaces when you put it down? I've popped each curling wand's specifications below to help you choose which one to go for.


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Beauty editor Eleanor Vousden testing one of the curling wands in this roundup.

6 of the Best Curling Wands to Shop Now:

1. BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Waves

2. Hershesons The Wavemaker

3. Mark Hill Pick 'N' Mix

4. Dyson Airwrap

5. GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand

6. BaByliss Rose Blush Curling Wand

Shop My Favourite Curling Products:

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