The Only Jewelry Trend I Was Allowed to Wear in Middle School Is Cool Again

Growing up I was always one of the first to explore and take an interest in fashion out of my group of friends. Although I went to a private Catholic school with a strict dress code and minimal room to express personal style, I found ways to make my uniform as “fashionable” as possible. I remember in fifth grade being sent home for showing up to math class wearing white eyeliner, which was the coolest makeup trend at the time; my BFF and I had sneakily applied in the bathroom during lunch break. Our handbook was full of dress code dos and don'ts, no makeup being one of them and the no jewelry rule is another that sticks out in my mind, but the list goes on.

The one exception to the no jewelry rule was if the piece had a cross on it, you were allowed to wear it to school. So me being me, I attached a cross pendant to all the necklaces I had formerly been told not to wear, problem solved in my book. This exception to the rule allowed me to collect quite the assortment of necklaces with cross pendants throughout my middle school years.

Fast-forward to present day, and I can’t help but to feel nostalgic when seeing celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian wearing the necklace trend around NYC and Los Angeles. While the 2018 version of cross necklaces doesn’t quite look like my makeshift pendant necklaces I wore back in middle school, I’m still looking forward to wearing the style as a layering piece and part of my everyday jewelry lineup.

See how celebs are wearing the necklace style below and shop out our favorite cross necklaces while you scroll.