I Always Recommend This Chic Denim Brand to My Friends—Here's Why

When it comes to shopping for new denim, I can admit to never truly knowing where to start. There are so many boxes to check, including but not limited to length, amount of stretch, wash, and overall fit. This is why finding a pair of high-quality denim that hugs you in all the right places and adds a chic touch to your look is arguably one of the best feelings. Discovering Closed Denim means spamming the group chat with a series of links and heart eyes. The Closed eco-denim line, A BETTER BLUE, is 100% handmade in Italy with a combination of eco-friendly materials, low-impact dyeing techniques, and sustainable washing methods. Need I say more? If you've been on the hunt for new jeans that you can feel better about buying and that look good on you, keep reading for our favorite styles.