I Peruse Home Décor Sites Daily—These Amazon Prime Finds Are It

I may be venturing out into the world more, but my apartment is still where I spend 75% of my time. True, I'm a homebody and an introvert to boot, but you don't have to necessarily relish a cozy night in to be able to appreciate a well-designed space. When my place is on point, I find that it brightens my mood dramatically, so I'm deeply invested in the objects and pieces I use to decorate. While buying vintage remains my preferred method of attaining furniture, I'm no stranger to the wonders of Amazon's décor section. And this is a great time to shop given that Amazon Prime Day is going on right now through June 22.

If you're too overwhelmed to take the time to scour the depths of the site, we get it. It's a seemingly endless pit of SKUs and images, which makes it a time-consuming process to find objects that may fit your specific style preferences. As an expert shopper and interior design junkie, I flexed my skills to do all of that for you. Below, see the décor finds that truly excel aesthetically in every way. Each piece is so deceptively good that you'll be left wondering if it really came from the place of two-day shipping.

The dome shape and matte finish add to its Scandi-style appeal.

Use it to serve up some drinks or to display your favorite trinkets.



This whimsical wall divider already has somewhat of a cult following—most use it as a decorative structure to add extra dimension.

One of my favorite candle brands ever.

If an Aalto vase is out of your price range, here's a cute and affordable alternative.



Just my take: You can never have too many cute vases.

Pro-tip: Add a comfy armchair to a small corner to create a space of solace.

Technically, this is faux marble, but it's so good you really can't tell.

The minimalist design really helps this chair stand out.

I've owned this lamp for years, and it remains one of the best purchases I've ever made for my place.

This would look perfect holding a bouquet of dried flowers.



Hang a bundle of dried eucalyptus in your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere.

One of the pleasures of scouring Amazon is finding cool objects that look like expensive-looking vintage pieces. If you told me that this was from an exotic location and was dated from the 1960s, I'd believe you.

As a tapered-candle fanatic, appropriate candle holders are a necessity.

A statement coffee table really makes the difference in a living room. This one is a true conversation starter.

After reading the hundreds of rave reviews, I'm on the verge of clicking "purchase."

A cane headboard like this would set you back way more at other furniture stores.

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This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.