The Best Affordable Summer Dresses to Wear With Sandals

Truth be told, I'm not the biggest fan of shopping for dresses. My number one shopping goal is versatility, and I find acquiring dresses that are actually versatile to be a tall order. They often fall into a category, i.e., going-out dresses, cocktail dresses, or even garden party dresses. To me, ultimate versatility when it comes to a dress means that it can be worn with any current shoe trend, as there's nothing that can make a look appropriate for a number of different occasions than a footwear change.

Speaking of summer shoe trends, the styles that are on the horizon include plenty of sandals (of course) in the form of espadrilles and slides, specifically. But fashion girls will also be wearing sneakers and ankle boots (per usual), mules, platforms, and kitten heels. So what criteria did we use in choosing these 15 summer dresses that go with every shoe trend, you ask? Simply put, none of them are too tight or too boxy, too short or too long, too fancy or too casual. They're all easily capable of being dressed up or down based on your choice of on-trend footwear. Oh, and they're all under $200, with many of them under $100. Music to your ears, right?

Read on to shop 15 affordable summer dresses that go with every shoe trend.