A Healthy Scalp Is the Secret to the Best Hair of Your Life

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When my hair looks good, I feel good. Having full, thick, glossy locks is such a confidence booster. Let's be real, though—sometimes, hair thinning can get in the way of that, especially as we age. You might think that extensions, a root touch-up, or a pricey keratin treatment would be the solution, but those don't actually treat the cause of the issue.

Enter KilgourMD, a new kind of scalp-care brand founded by James Kilgour, MD, a Stanford dermatologist and skincare expert. His serums (and the results they give) are nothing short of extraordinary. The Treatment Scalp Serum, specifically, is one you'll want to have on your radar. It stimulates hair growth by 200%. (Yes, you read that right.)

When it comes to his product launches, Dr. Kilgour credits a study that completely changed the understanding of hair growth. "Researchers took young hair follicles and implanted them into aged skin, and the follicles stopped growing," he explains. "They then did the opposite and implanted aged, lifeless hair follicles into young skin, and the results were incredible: The hair started growing again."

With this knowledge in mind, he created the Treatment Scalp Serum. Its multifaceted approach tackles all three causes of hair thinning: environmental, hormonal, and age-related. Among its many potent ingredients are ginseng to encourage hair growth, rosemary to soothe the scalp, and turmeric to reduce inflammation and help block hormone-related hair thinning. It's basically like a facelift for your scalp. Pretty impressive, right?

If you're on the prevention track to stop hair thinning before it starts, The Prevention Serum is for you. Its unique blend of antioxidants strengthens and protects hair follicles while soothing the scalp. But no matter your hair goals, both products will set you up for success. Below, discover a detailed breakdown of each serum.

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This article was originally published on Marie Claire.

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