FYI—This $120 Moisturizer Transforms Skin by Reversing Its Actual Biological Age

Marcela Alcala

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I'll admit that I'm a bit obsessed with the way people around the world are revolutionizing aging. From supplements that change and lengthen our DNA to fasting to the way the food habits of centenarians allow them to surpass 100 years of age, there's no shortage of exploration when it comes to our quest for longer, healthier lives. In skincare trends, we're witnessing a similar dedication to maintaining youth. With innovative formulations harnessing cutting-edge ingredients and advanced treatments that target cellular health, the demand for skincare formulas tailored to mature skin is more present than ever. That said, one women-founded brand out of San Francisco is utilizing a science-first approach that has me especially intrigued. Enter OneSkin.

Four PhD-holding scientists whose expertise lie in longevity joined forces in 2016 to create a topical supplement for the face and body that prevents cellular damage in the skin while simultaneously thickening the epidermis. With the brand's proprietary peptide, the specialized formulas have demonstrated an increased "healthspan" of the skin by addressing the root causes of skin aging, including cellular damage and the accumulation of aged cells. For instance, OneSkin's Topical Moisturizer ($120) deactivates senescent cells associated with aging, allowing the skin to behave more youthfully, boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid production, and activating cellular-repair pathways in the dermis.

I spoke to the founders of the company about why OneSkin works, the future of skin health, and what's next for the brand. Keep reading to learn more.

How was OneSkin founded?

OneSkin was founded by four female PhDs with deep expertise in stem biology, skin regeneration, aging, and bioinformatics, each with a shared mission to create technologies that could help people age in a healthy and vibrant way. Troubled by the reality that so many people spend a considerable portion of their lives in poor health due to age-related diseases, the founders set out to build patented technologies that help reverse the aging process. Their scientific journey began in an academic lab in Brazil, where they identified a white space in the cluttered market—no products truly addressed aging at its root cause. Through an extensive research and development process comparable to pharmaceutical rigor, they discovered OS-01, the first peptide proven to reverse aging at the molecular level.

"We believe in research first, products second," they explain. "That's why we spent five years analyzing over 900 peptides before discovering OS-01, the first ingredient scientifically proven to reverse skin's biological age. Our growing range of OS-01 topical supplements uniquely target damage and dysfunction at the molecular level to extend the lifespan of our skin."

OneSkin's breakthrough age-decelerating science is backed by clinical testing and published by multiple peer-reviewed journals. In addition to procuring thousands (4000 and counting) of testimonials since launching in 2021, it's the first company to replicate skin aging in the lab to validate the efficacy of its products at the cellular level.

What is the OS-01 molecule, and how does it work to reverse skin aging?

"OS-01 is our proprietary peptide, which sits at the heart of our innovative product line," the founders tell me. "The culmination of years of research, OS-01 works by targeting the root cause of skin aging: cellular senescence." Often called "zombie cells," senescent cells secrete pro-aging factors that drive healthy neighboring cells to age faster and become senescent as well.

"OS-01 works by checking off these zombie cells, which allow healthy cells to multiply [and produce] more collagen and hyaluronic acid, leading to a stronger skin barrier and healthier skin overall," they explain. "It's the first ingredient proven to reverse skin's biological age in human skin tissues. Using our cutting-edge R&D process and MolClock, a proprietary algorithm that predicts skin's biological age, we have shown that the OS-01 peptide reduces skin's biological age and improves key skin health markers."

Even though peptides have become more popular than ever in the world of skin health and supplements, not all peptides are created equal, and there's usually a lack of greater research behind popular formulas on the market.

Is reversing skin age purely for vanity, or can it actually improve the health of our skin?

The resounding answer is that reversing skin age definitely aids our skin's overall health. "Our skin is, first and foremost, an organ whose main function is to protect our body against external stressors, which requires a stronger skin barrier," the founders tell me. "As we age, our barrier weakens, making it more susceptible to skin disorders, flare-ups, infections, bruising, and tears. By reversing the skin's biological age, the skin is able to behave like its younger self, operating with a stronger skin barrier and boasting an overall better appearance."

What does the future of this type of skincare look like?

"We believe that we are moving into a future where skin health is more important than quick fixes at any cost," say OneSkin's founders. "By understanding the biology of aging, we can develop more targeted products that increase skin resilience and maximize tissue function—without compromise. The future is being able to measure your skin's age and health and from there being able to access a combination of products and interventions (supplements, at-home treatments, and in-office solutions) that can work together to decelerate aging and achieve your best skin yet."

What's next for OneSkin?

"We have an innovative and first-of-its-kind launch in the coming months that will continue to aid on our mission to optimize skin health," reveal the founders. "As science continues to evolve, we will be the first to translate such advances into products that can empower people to continue to stay healthy and vibrant as they age—no matter where they are on their aging journey."

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