I Don't Know Who's Going to Be Happier This '90s Hairstyle Is Back—Gen Z or Millennials

Is it just me or is everyone opting for big, bouncy blowouts at the moment? I am loving this chic hairstyle, but you might be surprised to know that this isn't actually a new trend. In fact, this hairstyle was huge in the '90s. So much so, that it's actually been coined the "'90s blowout".

It's easily one of the most elegant hair trends I've seen this season, and it's perfect for any special occasions you have coming up this summer. If you want to know more about how to recreate this style, then keep on scrolling for all the info...

What Is A '90s Blowout?

According to celebrity hairstylist, James Lear, a '90s blowout is all about big, bouncy, fluffy hair. "Think back to the '90s runways with models like Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Veronica Webb," he says. "Tonnes of glamour, bounce and volume!"

Cindy Crawford in 1995 with bouncy hair

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Much like many '90s beauty trends, this hairstyle is back with a vengeance. I've been seeing these big, bouncy styles all over my Instagram and TikTok feeds, and Lear says the trend is only getting bigger. "For the past decade all we have seen is beach waves and relaxed, 'cool girl' hair. Now, the '90s blowout is back and bigger than ever!"

Can The '90s Blowout Work For All Hair Types?

As someone with naturally wavy hair, I was curious to know whether this trend could work for all hair types. According to Lear, it absolutely can. "Texture doesn’t matter when it comes to the '90s blowout. Curls will work in your favour. Fine hair can be fluffed up."

The best bit about this hairstyle is that it also works for all hair lengths. If you have a short bob, Lear says you can wear it with volume at the front and a flick on the ends. Mid length styles look great with hair to one side and if you have longer hair you can opt for the classic bouncy blowout look.

@haileybieber bouncy hairstyle

(Image credit: @haileybieber)

How Can You Do A '90s Blowout At Home?

So, how can you actually do this style at home? "For this look prep is everything," says Lear. "I’d recommend washing the hair with a volumising shampoo to give the hair a bit of grit."

"[Then], I like to cocktail the Color Wow Raise the Root and Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer. You can blow dry the hair upwards with a soft round bristle brush, concentrating on lifting the front and the sides up." You'll want to go in with a curling tong next, and Lear recommends holding it horizontally for extra width. "Using a soft bristle brush, brush each curl out individually, spraying each section generously with Color Wow Style on Steroids. At the end, tilt the head back and gently rough the root with your hands to merge the sections together."

Now that you know everything there is to know about this trending hairstyle, check out some of my favourite pics below for inspo on how to wear the '90s blowout in 2024.

'90s Blowout Inspiration:

@cassdimicco in a black outfit with a '90s blowout

(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

This whole look is giving me '90s vibes.

@juliesfi with a short, '90s blowout

(Image credit: @juliesfi)

Yep, this blowout looks great with bob hairstyles.

@kellyrowland '90s hairstyle

(Image credit: @kellyrowland)

Chic is an understatement.

@sabinasocol taking a selfie with a '90s blowout

(Image credit: @sabinasocol)

If you have layers, this hairstyle helps add extra movement.

@thevisuelofgrace with a voluminous pixie haircut

(Image credit: @thevisuelofgrace)

It even looks incredible with a pixie haircut.

@millakuoksa with a '90s bob

(Image credit: @millakuoksa)

So cute.

@cassiskovic '90s blowout hairstyle

(Image credit: @cassiskovic)

Want to add some shine to your '90s blowout? Trying adding an oil or shine spray to the ends of the hair.

@jourdandunn in a Balmain outfit with a '90s hairstyle

(Image credit: @jourdandunn)

This hair is giving "old money" vibes.

@cassiskovic '90s bob hairstyle

(Image credit: @cassiskovic)

So elegant.

@hoskelsa with a curly, '90s style bob

(Image credit: @hoskelsa)

See how this hairstyle helps make the roots and ends look super bouncy?

@jastookes skiing in a bikini with a '90s hairstyle

(Image credit: @jastookes)

Just wow.

Products You Need For A '90s Blowout:

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