Does Maison Francis Kurkdjian's New Scent Live Up to Baccarat Rouge? I Have Thoughts

Ask any fragrance lover to share their favourite luxury perfume brands, there's a high chance Maison Francis Kurkdjian will make their list. After all, the French perfume house is synonymous with luxurious scents, with Baccarat Rouge 540 cementing it's status as a modern fragrance icon after going on viral on TikTok for its expensive-smelling scent.

As a beauty editor, I have a few Maison Francis Kurkdjian favourites I reach to regularly (the clean-smelling and crystalline 724, and the fresh, modern rose notes of À La Rose are two I wear on repeat). So when I heard that Maison Francis Kurkdjian was launching a new fragrance, I was lucky enough to be sent a bottle to review and I couldn't have been more excited to try it.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Reflets d'ambre perfume bottle on linen

(Image credit: @eleanorvousden for Who What Wear UK)

The fragrance house has launched Reflets d'ambre (£230) in partnership with Harrods to celebrate its 175th anniversary. It's limited edition for 2024, so you'll have until the end of December this year to get your hands on a bottle at its Knightsbridge store or online on Harrods. Scroll ahead for my full review on the new Reflets d'ambre scent.

What does Maison Francis Kurkdjian Reflets d'ambre smell like?

Reflets d'ambre is a floral, spicy and amber fragrance. Upon first smelling the eau de parfum from the bottle I must admit, I wasn't initially sold. Jasmine scents often have me on the fence (and for some, this white floral has dated perfume connotations) and it's very present in the opening of this scent. I was in two minds about it that I consulted the Who What Wear UK team. As I passed the bottle around the office, I was met with a mixed reviews.

Some agreed that the white florals felt a little much from the bottle, but loved the dry-down on the skin—that will be the amber accord of earthy patchouli, creamy vanilla and resinous, musky cistus labdanum. And I have to agree, these notes really shine through as it settles onto the skin with a warm and addictive scent. After a few hours on the skin, the white florals take a supporting role and I find myself sniffing my wrists throughout the day.

After doing a little digging online, many fragrance aficionados have likened it to the discontinued Ciel de Gum, which has similar notes. However, several have said that Reflets d'ambre is a softer, lighter and more traditionally feminine version. If you're an avid fan, this could fill the void of Ciel de Gum in your collection.

After trialling the scent for a few weeks, the scent grown on me a lot. It's very warming and cosy, but it's not a fragrance that walks into the room before you do, rather it stays close to the skin. After about six hours of wear, it's still present on the skin but I'd probably top-up around this point. Still, it clings to clothing really well—so much so that I can still smell it days after.

How Reflets d'ambre compare to Baccarat Rouge 540?

Although there are similarities in that these two fragrances are amber-florals, they are two very different perfumes that carry a certain vibe. I'd wear Reflets d'ambre when I want something low-key yet sophisticated for day time that perhaps those right next to me could smell, whereas I'd wear the indulgent Baccarat Rouge 540 when I want something with a stronger projection that also feels more sensual and suited to evening wear.

Is Maison Francis Kurkdjian Reflets d'ambre worth it?

Overall, I'd recommend smelling Reflets d'ambre in person and seeing how it wears on your skin. While it wasn't love at first spritz for me initially, the dream amber dry-down has converted me and it'll be joining my permanent rotation of Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances. That being said, if you're an avid collector of MFK perfumes and enjoy a jasmine scent with a warm, ambery dry-down, this limited edition fragrance makes a great edition to a collection that you can confidently blind-buy.

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Eleanor Vousden
Beauty Editor, Who What Wear UK

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