These Buzzy Rings Deserve All the Hype They're Getting


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Over the pandemic, there have been some predictable retail trends, such as the spike in jogging-bottom sales, printed face masks and shoes appropriate for multiple laps of the park. Some of the trends, however, have surprised even the most experienced buyers and editors. One such trend is fine jewellery. According to retailers like, there has been a rise in sales, in particular, of statement cocktail rings that are fun and uplifting, and it doesn't get any jollier than Italian jewellery designer Bea Bongiasca's colourful Baby Vine Tendril rings. 

According to Threads Styling, these rings have been one of the most sought-after items recently, with "clients buying multiples of the rings to stack and layer up. The Bea Bongiasca mix of enamel and colour is very popular. Clients want to have more fun with their jewellery and play with a lot more colour than ever before." The colourful pieces have unsurprisingly built up a cult following on Instagram, and the designs are almost a permanent fixture on Dua Lipa's hands and ears. 


(Image credit: @threadsstyling)

All of Bea Bongiasca's designs are proving popular this year. However, it is the Baby Vine Tendril rings that are reaching cult status. These rings have lots of movement, as the vines in vibrant pop colours twist around the finger, leading to a suspended colourful stone. The best part is they come in so many colour combinations, so you can pick one ring or build up a collection that feels unique and fits your favourite colours.

"The Vine rings are all about the secret language of flowers and botanical gardens," Bongiasca explains to Who What Wear. "The idea was the rings were to look like a flower wrapped around your finger. The pieces would replicate nature and be intertwined and taken over by vines. The name of the collection plays with the concept of climbing plants and my playful approach to jewellery. Flowers such as Azuma Makoto inspire me and colour from artists Alex Gross and Mark Ryden."

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Emma Spedding