The Dress Line I Can't Stop Thinking About

Welcome to Into Labels, a Who What Wear column that profiles the designers behind the brands we can't stop talking about.

Sometime in early 2017 I first spotted a smattering of vintage-inspired prairie dresses popping up around NYC, and I instantly felt a fashion spidey sense kick in. This was my introduction to Batsheva, an NYC-based ready-to-wear brand that draws inspiration on the designs of the past.

Despite being a self-proclaimed tomboy, I'm obsessed with a romanticized historicism. I fixated on historical YA novels (hands up for the Dear America series), I watched Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightley one—don't @ me), and I loved dressing up in my aunt's collection of Victorian dresses (many of which didn't actually fit because corsets). So as you can imagine, I was instantly intrigued.

Batsheva Hay launched her namesake collection in 2013, having designed pieces for herself only to find friends and strangers alike asking her about them. Now Hay produces an entire line (though she will do custom orders too) of cool country-to-city styles that manage to look cool on edgy and classic dressers alike. Ahead get a look at the New York label that I can't stop thinking about (trust me—you'll be obsessed too).

Keep an eye out, as Batsheva is a brand to watch.