This Is Officially the Coolest Country to Buy Your Jewelry From

Allow me to just come out and say it: Australians do it better. Is it just me, or is every successful swimwear brand, cute new influencer, or beautiful coastline coming straight out of the land Down Under? Is there something in the water or in the IG-ready, picture-perfect juices they all seem to be sipping on? Does the combination of year-round sun, brekkie boards, and surfing somehow breed ingenuity and a knack for all things fashion? I, for one, have not yet solved the mystery, but you can be sure I’ll continue to investigate as Australians have newly proved yet another thing they seem to be better at than the rest of the world: jewelry brands.

On their quest for global domination, Australian jewelry brands have been popping up faster than you can say “G’day, mate.” Each is more idyllic than the last, drawing on native Australian materials and themes for inspiration such as seashells, native ancestry, and vintage finds. There’s no use in pretending otherwise—we all want to be Australian, and while it’s difficult to mimic their charming accents, we can accessorize like them. To assist you in this valiant effort, we’ve rounded up the six hottest Australian jewelry brands so you too can feel like an Auzzie. 

F+H Jewellery

F+H stands for Femme + Homme, representing the ideal balance between femininity and masculinity, an energetic harmony reflected in the universe itself—a sense of yin and yang, if you will. With edgy gold chain pieces accented by ladylike pearls and gemstones, F+H jewelry is made for the woman that embodies the primal strength of the divine feminine in both her style and her life. 

Amber Sceats

Fastening an Amber Sceats necklace around your neck is like slipping into a wearable piece of abstract expressionism art. Influenced by art and architecture, each piece of Sceats's eponymous collection carries the same distinctions of spontaneity, individuality, and emotion that one might encounter in a Lichtenstein piece, for instance.

YCL Jewels

Inspired by the "art in every day," YCL Jewels truly embodies the simple and practical beauty of day-to-day life. A reminder to notice, and take pleasure in, the little things, each piece of founder Fabienne's is minimal and feminine in nature—from the Heirloom Necklace (a personal favorite) and beyond. 

Sarah & Sebastian

Informed by the organic shapes that occur in nature, Sarah & Sebastian inspires images of a woman sipping wine, sitting on the back veranda of her Tuscan home overlooking a flourishing vineyard. Wearing a slip dress and an Hermès scarf wrapped haphazardly around her hair, she is perfectly accented by the refined, understated but luxurious Sarah & Sebastian ring on her finger and necklace strung around her neck. 


Reliquia, derived from the word "relic" and the Spanish term for "family heirloom," is an ode to the vintage-inspired pieces that comprise the brand's collection. The kind of jewelry you would come across whilst wandering through an antique market in Madrid, each piece is timeless and elegant, inspiring images of opulent decades past. 

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