This New Affordable Brand Is the Self-Care Hero We Need

In 2020, "self-care" is less of a social media buzzword and much more of a crucial weekly activity. After all, we seriously deserve it. With the majority of us spending more time at home (for work, play, gym, and sleep), stocking up on feel-good items has never felt more essential. Newly released brand Aroma Active Laboratories is set to provide "everyday solutions” with its range of natural relaxation products, or, as it explains, "nature's toolkit.” From first looks, the products are the holistic heroes we’ve been crying out for. 


(Image credit: @discodaydream)

Aroma Active has just been launched in Boots and is the sister brand to Aromatherapy Associates—yet with a noticeably lower price point. Designed with modern, busy lifestyles in mind, the products are split into four categories: Sleep, Soothe, SOS, and Muscle. And quite frankly, they all sound necessary right now. The all-encompassing range boasts everything from bath salts to face oils to sleep sprays and feels decidedly holistic, catering to both inner and outer health. 

A brand like Aroma Active makes sense in 2020. As Forbes previously wrote, beauty brands are shifting their focus to more wellness in current times. The focus is promoting a more holistic state of being, "where one’s mental, physical, and emotional health are in sync.”


Aroma Active seems to hit the nail on the head in that respect. The products are environmentally friendly and natural and, in many ways, seem to care. Between the balms and rubs, the products appear to encourage users to take time out to massage the skin, unwind, and chill. Aroma Active’s Soothe range incorporates calming ingredients such as lavender and patchouli to help relax and heal dry skin. For gym buffs smashing their home workouts, the Muscle range features cooling ingredients to help invigorate the body and mind. For those feeling rundown, the SOS products are a mix of natural remedies to help uplift your spirits, and Sleep has all the sleepy heroes such as lavender and valerian. It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re in need of some TLC. Here are some of the top products below.

Next up, I'm going to use more and more of these refillable products.