Are Your Favorite Sneakers Actually Ruining Your Feet?

If you think you're doing your feet a favor by swapping your heels for flats or sneakers, you might want to think again. Well + Good tapped podiatric physician Jackie Sutera, who reminded us that flats aren't automatically better for your feet than heels—in fact, they can be just as damaging. 

“Everyone is born with a fat pad at the bottom of their foot–think of that chubby bottom part of a baby’s foot—but over time, the overuse of ‘bad’ shoes wears it down,” Sutera told Well + Good. “So while heels definitely do that to you, it may be more surprising to know that flats and unsupportive sneakers will cause that fat pad to wear down just as quickly.”

If your sneakers aren't particularly supportive, Sutera recommends buying inserts like Vionic orthotics, which offer ample arch support. The best part: They can be slipped into any shoe you own, including your beloved, on-trend Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers ($75). Talk about a win-win! 

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Opening Image: @happilygrey