7 Things Dutch Girls Are Wearing (That You Aren't Yet)

In the Instagram age, it's easy enough to track your favorite trendsetters across the globe. They could be in New York one weekend, L.A. or London the next. And while certain fashionable cities (and their resident trendsetters) are always on our radar, others don't get credit as often as they deserve. Amsterdam street style is one area that's often overlooked, but take a peek at the Instagram of Andy Torres, and you'l' find the coolest trends that are taking over among the Dutch—but that may not be on your radar yet.

Torres's lifestyle takes her around the globe on the regular, but her quirky-cool spin on simple outfits feels especially fresh no matter what city she's currently residing in. With plenty of colors and textures to play with, these of-the-moment styles are anything but boring. Below, we're highlighting seven cool styles to try in the coming months, inspired by this street style star.