Tania Sarin

When you’re feeling uninspired, what do you turn to to get your creative juices flowing again? For blogger Tania Sarin of TSarin, it’s taking a moment to step away from the everyday responsibilities that does the trick. As with other creatives in the fashion blogosphere, there are key moments that challenge her to think outside of the box, whether it’s a new outfit combination she’s going to try or the way she wants to carefully curate her next Instagram post. Here, Sarin is sharing the things that inspire her creativity and can jolt her out of a fashion rut.

Keep scrolling to get an inside look at Sarin’s everyday routine.

You know those moments where you can’t find the motivation to create? Well, Sarin knows that all too well. Her solution? Turn to Pinterest. She notes, “When I find myself uninspired and just a bit overwhelmed, I tend to do something that pumps up my creativity, such as drawing or pinning on Pinterest—it helps me take a moment from thinking about my everyday responsibilities and just start doing something. I find this to be my usual way of sparking inspiration.”

For those days where you have to run out the door, you surely have an outfit formula you turn to. “During my busy days—which consist of tons of emails, lots of coffee, and figuring out different ways to be creative in what I do—I sometimes don’t have the luxury of time to get ready. So if I had 15 minutes, I’ll wear a pair of American Eagle jeans with a white tee or basic hoodie to keep it simple and clean.”

For bloggers, the core reason for blogging is to find a way to express their inner creative. Sarin told us her I can moment comes through blogging, saying, “For me, blogging is a way to express my creativity more so than anything. From blogging, I have picked up on photography, makeup, and creative direction. It has allowed me figure out who I am, where I want to be in life, and what my brand is."

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