Summer's Not Quite Over, so I'm Adding These Warm-Weather Pieces to My Cart

29 Pieces to Shop From Amazon for the End of Summer

Even though I'm eager to start fall shopping, let's be real: It's 90º outside, and it doesn't seem to be cooling down soon. I still have barbeques to go to, new beaches to explore, and mini vacations to think about. Quite honestly, I want to soak up the rest of this season as long as I can. So while, yes, I'm shopping for fall things to store away for the later months, I'm also very much still in a full summer-buying frenzy. And since I want my pieces now before the temperatures start to drop, I'm shopping on Amazon for its never-ending collection of good fashion items and, most importantly, for its fast shipping. Want to see some of the items I found? Keep scrolling.