Amazon Is Officially Here to Change the Way You Live (and Shop)

After what can only be described as the most anticipated launch of the decade (for us, anyway), Amazon has finally arrived in Australia. What does that mean for you? Amazon will deliver clothing, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle items all at competitive prices, with priority delivery, as reported by Business Insider Australia.

What we're most excited about, is Amazon Marketplace, a section on site devoted to small and medium-sized Australian businesses—opening up the opportunity for businesses to trade Australia-wide, and for us to discover new, niche brands and products.

But from next year is when the real fun starts. Amazon Prime is set to launch mid-year, which is a subscription service that includes free speedy delivery and Amazon Prime Video. 

To help us understand the significance of Amazon's Australian launch, we asked one of our US editors (who hails from Sydney), how her life has changed, since Amazon. "It’s been a pretty big game changer when it comes to the way I shop for day-to-day items. I don’t procrastinate about buying 'life admin' supplies like new razors or healthy snacks because it’s so quick and easy. It’s also made finding thoughtful or obscure gifts much easier (I just found a miniature beer pong set for my guy friend—best Secret Santa gift ever! I’ve also become a bit dependent on my Alexa and can tell it to add items to my shopping list, which is so handy". See? Life-changing.

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