When Cool Girls Get Engaged, This Is the Designer They Follow on Instagram

These days, more than ever, women are seeking wedding gowns that would never be seen on a wedding cake topper, so to speak. Brides want to wear something fresh and different on one of the most memorable days of their lives. Enter New York City–based designer Alexandra Grecco, the designer who has been answering fashion girls' prayers since she launched her first bridal collection in 2014 (she also designs ready-to-wear pieces). Her collections, which "feature ethereal gowns for the less traditional bride," are filled with directional yet timeless handmade dresses that in-the-know women are choosing for their walks down the aisle. (Oh, and did we mention how good her Instagram account is?) We're so taken with her stunning, unique gowns that we wanted to hear her perspective on everything from wedding dress trends to shopping mistakes straight, and she kindly took us up on it. And FYI, you can try her gowns on in person at bridal boutiques around the world, or just order directly via Grecco's site.

Below, read Grecco's answers to our burning questions on all things wedding dresses, and see some of her stunning gowns along the way.

Alexandra Grecco Savannah Gown in Lace (price upon request)

WHO WHAT WEAR: What will the next big wedding dress trend be, in your opinion?

ALEXANDRA GRECCO: I'm not really big on trends, but I'm really loving that we're seeing so many brides who are taken by our pieces, as it's a sign that more and more brides are looking for something that is more fashion forward and fresh rather than traditional.


Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco Ava Crop Top and Vivienne Skirt (price upon request)

Alexandra Grecco Paloma Gown (price upon request)

WWW: What's the most common wedding dress shopping mistake you find that brides make?

AG: I think it's always best to bring the smallest amount of people to an appointment as possible. I've seen brides come to appointments with huge groups of people who are shouting their opinions at the bride, and it just seems so stressful and not at all helpful. I've had to pull brides aside to remind them that the reason they came for an appointment was to find a dress for themselves and not anyone else.


Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco Simone Gown (price upon request)

Alexandra Grecco Savannah Gown in Floral (price upon request)

WWW: The Luna Cape you designed is so stunning. Do you think the cape trend will continue to grow among brides?

AG: Thank you! I feel like the cape is such a royal and timeless look that it doesn't matter whether or not the trend will continue.

Alexandra Grecco Luna Cape With Astrid Slip Gown (price upon request)

WWW: What should a bride-to-be look for when shopping for a sheer wedding dress? What are your tips for pulling it off (without making their grandmothers blush)?

AG: We design some gowns with sheer elements to them, but I wouldn't consider any of our gowns "naked dresses." Our Isla gown and some of our new styles coming out have really beautiful illusion necklines, but they're fully lined to avoid any disasters! Also, style tape and sewing in cups really help add an extra layer of security if need be.

Alexandra Grecco Isla Gown (price upon request)

WWW: What's your most popular wedding dress style?

AG: Some of our most popular styles are our really simple crêpe pieces. Brides love the clean lines and the fact that they are pretty versatile and can be styled so many different ways. They are also just so comfortable, which is super important!


Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco Miri Gown (price upon request)


Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco Tahlula Embroidered Gown (price upon request)