How This Australian Blogger Defined Feminine Dressing in 2016

When Australian fashion label Réalisation Par launched late in 2015, no-one knew it would become the huge success it is today. The brand has a unique approach—rather than working six months in advance like most fashion labels, Realisation Par works on a see-now-buy-now model, by creating individual pieces rather than entire collections. It’s genius, and is the reason why the brand has seen such huge success. Shoppers can spot an item they love (on someone who normally gets their hands on it first like a celeb or influencer) and buy it right away.

This year, we covered Réalisation Par quite a lot—from the red dress everyone wants to get their hands on (I’m still hoping to see it under my tree), to all the It-girls who are obsessed with the label, they’re some of our most-read stories of the year. Clearly it’s not just us that with Réalisation Par fever.

The braindchild of 4th and Bleeker fashion blogger Alexandra Spencer and design director Teale Talbot, Réalisation Par has helped define feminine dressing in 2016. Click through to see some of the brands’ insanely stylish moments from 2016.

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