The 3-Bin Theory Every Smart Traveler Follows

Seasoned travelers have three things in common. 1) They've nailed down a go-to airport outfit (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr, we're looking at you). 2) They strategize their time through security. 3) They swear they will "finally" apply for TSA PreCheck (because we all know that's the real answer to expediting the security process). So for those who've yet to check that off their to-do list, today's simple trick is the next best way to speed through the dreaded security line.

The key is to use the three-bin theory (visual below), which is the quickest way to get through the line and off to your gate. With no fuss and no wasting time, instead it's about strategy and efficiency. What is the three-bin theory? It's the order in which you put your belongings through the conveyor belt.

Do you follow the three-bin theory? Share your favorite airport hack in the comments below! 

Opening Image: @songofstyle