It's Finally Cold Outside—Here's Every Cute and Affordable Thing I'm Wearing

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Even though I live in Los Angeles, a city where people very much love to boast about the year-round warm and sunny weather, winter is in fact my favorite season. I'll probably get in trouble with local tourism groups and my friends for admitting that, but it's true: There's nothing like a cool California day. I love layering up for crisp morning walks and cozy evenings indoors, and this year, I've already found so many cute pieces to do so in.

I've been prioritizing affordable fashion now more than ever, so I'm lucky to have discovered all of the stylish and insanely well-priced items available at Walmart. From my favorite new plaid shacket that all of my friends have already asked to borrow to the faux-fur-lined hiker boots that are keeping me both warm and on-trend, my winter wardrobe is looking pretty chic these days. I'm serious—you won't believe my two new outfits are all made up of pieces that are $70 (or much less!) each. Have I convinced you yet?


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This outfit was styled with all of my favorite winter staples in mind: faux-leather leggings (currently wearing multiples times a week); an on-trend shacket (shirt-jacket, if you're new around here); an oversize turtleneck knit (softness level: 100); and my favorite mock-croc accessories (a material that only looks expensive). I truly can't believe this entire outfit costs exactly $171 head to toe, but the numbers don't lie.


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Here's a close up of those gorgeous, and admittedly very expensive-looking, accessories. The top-handle bag and heeled boots make any outfit feel instantly more polished, even if it's just jeans and a long-sleeve T-shirt.



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Speaking of jeans, I've been wearing denim quite frequently considering I now work from my couch. A few months ago, I finally quit the habit of wearing loungewear all day because it's helped me be more productive and feel better about myself overall, so now I turn to easy outfits like this one. However, it's a requirement that the jeans are stretchy and elevated like this button-front straight-leg pair. I also love that these jeans are made from organic cotton, which means they're better for the environment not to mention super soft. For further comfort, a fleece jacket is always a good idea.


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If you thought I was kidding about how into mock-croc accessories I am, then I hope this outfit proves you wrong. I wear this $28 crossbody style I snagged from Walmart when I have more than just my phone and wallet to carry, and I always get so many compliments on it. I recommend picking one up for yourself (and a friend if you're feeling generous) ASAP before it sells out.


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