6 Winter Trends You Can Get From Zara, Nordstrom, and H&M

Affordable Winter Trends


@hm via @saraollila; PICTURED: H&M Stand-Up-Collar Puffer Jacket ($50)

There is an extreme comfort that comes from shopping at all of your favorite stores, and if Zara, H&M, and Nordstrom aren't on that list of yours then please click out of this story. Just kidding, stay! Here you will find the trendiest and easiest three-stop shopping trip featuring the most popular winter trends from everyone's favorite affordable retailers. 

Including an array of outerwear, layering essentials, boots, and more, the six winter trends listed below are best shopped at Zara, H&M, and Nordstrom if you're a gal on a budget (unless you buy the Bottega Veneta rain boots). Stalking the Internet for the best of the best in every new trend category is fun and all until you have 100 tabs open and your computer is making the sound of a lawnmower, so let me take the hard work off your plate and just sit back and enjoy this easy seasonal shopping roundup

Neutral Puffers

Back when puffer jackets became cool again, it was all about the obnoxiously large shape and bold colors, but this winter, the more neutral and versatile your puffer, the better. And honestly, thank God. 


Wellies and all their puddle-proof glory are one of this season's biggest boot trends and luckily, they provide both comfort and practicality. From classic rain boot brands like Hunter to Bottega Venetta's bright and trendy iteration, there are really so many to choose from. 

Sweater Sets

Sweater sets including cardigans and tanks to vests and pants are officially everywhere. Whether you're lounging around your home or are looking to continue that cozy feel outside of your home, these comfortable co-ords are for you. 

Second-Skin Tops

The good news about second-skin tops is that they will still be trendy come spring 2022. These thin tops are good for wearing alone or layering underneath all of your favorite winter counterparts. 


If you're tired of hearing us talking about shackets, I'm terribly sorry, but they are proving to get more and more popular by the second. From plaid versions to faux leather styles, this is the one outerwear trend that just won't quit. 


Leather is basically a classic at this point, but the sheer volume at which fashion girls have been sporting it lately makes it feel more on-trend than ever before. 

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