If Your Wardrobe Is Starting to Feel Dated, Try These 9 Affordable Updates

After a year of no plans and not much shopping, it's understandable if your wardrobe could use some updating. Trends come and go at a rapid pace, and it can be hard to keep up with them, even during the best of times. But with warm weather coming and things starting to look brighter in the near future, you may be thinking about outfits to wear out in public again.

You certainly don't need to go on a shopping spree if your wardrobe is feeling a little dated—you can simply add a few trend-forward pieces, and they'll make a world of difference. I selected nine specific ones that are especially of-the-moment, and you can get them for a relative bargain. They're sure to make those jeans and tops you got in 2019 look fresher than ever.

Scroll to shop the nine trends that are impactful enough to refresh a dated wardrobe.

Loose Jeans

Loose jeans outfit



Loose jeans have taken over where skinny jeans left off. Swapping baggier fits in will make your outfits look as 2021 as possible.

Socks With Loafers

Loafers with socks



Loafers are back again, and pairing them with socks is strongly encouraged these days.


We still love a cardigan, but fashion girls are also embracing shrugs now. There are so many ways to style these micro sweaters.

Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are cool again, but just make sure they're pleated, high waisted, and loose.

Platform Flip-Flops

Platform flip-flops trend



Perhaps the most pandemic-era shoe trend of them all, squishy platform flip-flops are everywhere. Swap your flat pairs out, and others will admire how trendy (in a good way) you look.

Long Trench Coats

Long trenchcoat trend



Long trench coats are the springtime jacket of choice for fashion girls this year. There are so many ways to style this versatile piece.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bag trend



Give your crossbody bags a break and invest in a '90s-inspired shoulder one. Bonus points if it's a pretty color.

Corset Tops

Corset-style tops are a lot more comfortable than actual corsets, and all you have to add is a pair of jeans to look chic in one.

Fun Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is on the back burner for now, while fun, bold, and colorful jewelry is being piled on in its place. Enjoy this trend while it's around.

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