11 Miraculous Solid-Gold Jewelry Picks That Are Under $300

If you’ve been burned one too many times by gold-plated jewelry that looks gorgeous for a few months only to slowly lose its luster, this article is for you. Previously, there was a huge price gap between solid-gold and plated-gold jewelry, making it hard for women on a budget (aka almost all of us) to build a jewelry wardrobe with solid-gold picks. But thanks to some miraculously game-changing startups that cut out a lot of the traditional price markup, that’s no longer the case. It’s entirely possible to find chic solid-gold jewelry at affordable price points, and just to make it even easier for you to make the switch, we rounded up our favorite picks.

There are a few benefits to wearing solid gold. First, the freedom! You can take showers, work out, and basically just live your life without taking off your pieces. Secondly, because they stay looking lovely forever, these are pieces you wear well into old age and pass down to your loved ones. We think the value is pretty clear, so go ahead and shop affordable solid-gold options that are fashion editor–approved.