6 Secret Sites for Buying Trendy Pieces on a Budget

As much as it’d please me to wear new designer pieces season after season, other life expenses such as exorbitant New York rent and student loans prevent that from happening. Instead, I am forced to be strategic with how I spend my hard-earned cash when it comes to my wardrobe. Usually, I splurge on staples I know I’ll wear all the time and with everything (e.g. a white t-shirt, loafers, and handbag), but when it comes to of-the-moment items that, though I might love them more than the aforementioned staples, probably aren’t worth my spending $595 on. That’s where today’s story comes into play.

Thanks to the invention of online shopping, brands are able to sell their product with little overhead, and in return people like you and myself can skip the line at Zara and head to somewhere that feels a little more unique, like the six sites I’ve rounded up below. Check out a few of my favorite places to get trendy items at a non-frightening price point, and be sure to share any of your secret spots in the comments with me, too.