23 Affordable Things I’m Buying to Look Like Me But Better in 2021

I’m calling it: 2021 is our year. In the New Year, I'm all about embracing feel-good items in my wardrobe and life. As I recently moved down south to warmer weather in Miami—and an inevitably different style than New York—I made a lot of lifestyle changes that ultimately made me feel my best, and look my best. Whether it’s making new, mood-boosting style choices, like bright pops of color, or indulging in things that enhance my overall look, like nourishing hair masks and oils, 2021 is all about investing in things that make me feel good.

From giving my go-to high-waisted trousers an update to testing new makeup trends, for me, this year will focus on subtle updates that truly make me feel more like myself—especially after a year that left us questioning, well, everything. Just how am I setting out to enhance my look? Fortunately, I’ve narrowed it down to an art. First, I stick to buying fashion silhouettes that I already like, but with an updated design element. For instance, I know I gravitate toward cut-out dresses, and typically ones with keyhole cut-outs or dynamic necklines; thus, I am opting for a dress with tasteful cut-outs down the side of the dress this year. And when buying new items in the year, I ask myself the following: how will this enhance my life? What purpose does it serve? Trust me, it works. Keep scrolling to find out the 23 things I’m buying to look like me, but better, in 2021—and that won’t leave a large dent in your wallet.

This pant silhouette has replaced almost all of my denim. 

A coat this cute at this price? I must be dreaming.

It's time to dress your mask up with a trendy mask chain, if you haven't already. 

Ribbed knits always look expensive.

I'm giving my dainty, stackable rings a bold update. 

A quick piece of advice: use a hair mask as a conditioner 2-3 times a week and you will notice a real difference. 

This will help with my goal to wear pajamas less.

The price on this jacket has my shopping senses tingling. It also comes in sizes small through large

The same ease as the wide-leg trouser, but in a short. 

Saying goodbye to all of my crew necks; square neck only, please. 

There's nothing this face mask can't fix. 

Now this is a top I can get behind.

I've replaced my sleek ponytails with a relaxed claw clip look. 

Say hello to my latest obsession: bright-colored biker shorts. 

Concealer sticks are the epitome of an item that makes you look better.

This cardigan was designed in Paris, and it shows.

I'm indulging in cream-everything this year for a fresh, healthy glow. 

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