Got a Trip Booked? I Highly Recommend These Boots When Traveling

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Whether you’re headed cross-country for Thanksgiving or venturing out on a little weekend road trip, you’ve probably got some sort of travel plans on the books for November. It’s also likely that the forecast wherever you’re headed is looking rather chilly, so I imagine you’re busy looking for suitable travel outfits that are stylish yet comfortable.

My personal pro tip: Always travel in moto boots. The ’90s staple is also a 2018 staple, and they still feel just as necessary as when Courtney Love wore them the first time around. A polished pair means you’re looking on-trend and put together, and when you wear your chunkiest shoe style on your flight, you’re left with more room in your carry-on (essential for an overpacker like myself).

In search of additional tips, I turned to Janelle Marie Lloyd of Wait, You Need This, a fashion blogger I’m always turning to for all things style-related. Specifically, I asked her to show us two staple looks she’ll be traveling in this season (and yes, my fave SOREL moto boots are involved)…

A Little More Profesh


Heading to the airport straight from your last meeting? You need a pulled-together outfit that’s also travel friendly. (Who actually wants to change in an airport bathroom?) For this reason, Lloyd styled an oversize check blazer with a long wool duster coat and her moto boots. It’s business on top and party on the bottom courtesy of these leggings and shoes.


“I don’t wear jeans on flights,” she told us. “Black leggings are a comfy alternative, and they look luxe when styled with cool moto boots. I skipped the sweatshirt and paired mine with a longline fitted blazer and a sleek coat.” Lloyd gets it: anything to avoiding checking a bag.

On the Casual Side


Leggings just not in the plan for you? Totally fine; opt for a relaxed-fit skirt and an oversize knit and you’ll be just as comfortable. If you’re flying home, these moto boots are especially helpful because they’re easy to slip on and off—ideal for airport security. There’s a zipper on the side, which makes taking them on and off a snap. Can we also talk about how cool the white shade of these SOREL moto boots are? It makes any outfit feel fall-appropriate, and it’s a way better alternative than your beat-up sherpa pair (no judgement, though).


Lloyd loves these boots: “They’re fashion meets function,” she shares. We agree, which is why we’re stocking up. Also, I wish I was cool enough to wear a leopard belt bag crossbody like this. Seriously, just look at this outfit! Pinning, saving, and screenshotting for future reference.

Nayiri Mampourian
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

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