Our Favorite Fashion People Agree: These Are the Boot Styles to Know for Winter

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(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Here at Who What Wear, we never tire of poking and prodding (read: “politely” pestering) our favorite people for behind-the-scenes insight into how they landed their covetable jobs in the fashion industry. Sometimes it involves enticing them with gluten-free hors d’oeuvres and artfully garnished craft cocktails, as was the case when we teamed up with SOREL to host Fashion + Function, a panel-style chat held at NYC’s Blender Workspace.

Our very own VP of talent, Rachel Zeilic, was on hand to moderate the illuminating conversation featuring Who What Wear Fashion Director Natalie Cantell, SOREL Product Line Manager Francis Rice, and ASHE Agency founder Virginia Ross, all of whom were game to spill on their not-so-traditional career trajectories, the ways they deal with imposter syndrome, their go-to work ensembles, and some of the ways we can help our fellow women in the workplace (and beyond). Keep reading to see how it all went down…


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

First up, say hello to some of the season’s best boots. Oh, and our panelists (also the best).


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Our attendees also understand the power of fall-ready footwear (and faux-fur coats—very important).


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

SOREL’s Francis Rice (above right) told us she loves working with an all-female design team. The company’s innovative styles are designed by women, for women, meaning they truly walk the walk.


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Two other boot styles we’ve been seeing a lot of, as of late? Chunky-heeled hiking boots and block-heeled boots with cutouts.


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Combat boots have outlasted their punk-rock connotations (although they do still look quite nice with plaid).


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Virginia Ross—pictured above left—shared insights from her experience launching her own agency (not to mention working at Net-a-Porter, CAA, and Dior… nbd).


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Of all the SOREL boots on display, this iconic ’90s-inspired suede pair really caught my eye.


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Yes, I’m #blessed to work with podcast fanatic (and excellent dog mother) Natalie Cantell.


(Image credit: Clique Brands)

Our NYC editors swear by these SOREL boots for their commuter-friendly comfort level (while we car-driving L.A. girls appreciate them for their surplus of style).

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