The '80s Called—They Want You to Wear This for New Year's


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Oh, the '80s. They gave us Tina Turner, Madonna, Cyndi Crawford, and Brooke Shields. It was an epic period for fashion. Nowadays, though, you might associate '80s fashion with Halloween more than New Year's Eve. From neon exercising clothes to parachute pants, there's no doubt that the attire of that era was bright and flashy. But beyond the costumery, a few pieces have stood the test of time and are, in fact, back and better than ever. So, if you've been questioning what good came from the 1980s fashion trends lately, you might find your answers in this article.

By now, we all know that fashion in the 1980s was all about excess (the original "extra"), so it only makes sense to create an eye-catching New Year’s Eve outfit with a few throwback trends, right? The holiday's certainly known for its own degree of extravagance (see: glitter, sequins, etc.). Why not infuse your NYE outfit this year with some on-them oversize blazers featuring larger-than-life shoulder pads, some statement belts, or all things leather? These trends will infuse your look with a whole lot of glamour.

Don't just take our word for it, though. You only have to search the runways and the red carpet to see that designers, models, and stylish superstars alike have incorporated a bit of the '80s into their style. No mullets to be seen (yet), but stars like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Zendaya have all proved that no period does over the top better than the '80s—until now, maybe.

Below, catch some '80s-inspired New Year's Eve outfits straight from our favorite celebs, and take note when putting yours together.


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There isn't an outfit that screams the '80s more than this one. However, if you don't want to go head-to-toe oversize à la Zendaya, simply opt for one oversize piece in your whole look. 


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Or channel Bella Hadid's power suit dress. With a bright pink straight from the '80s and more subdued shoulder pads, this look is fit for any NYE party. 


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Who doesn't want to look like Rihana? This NYE, opt for a leather minidress and a statement belt to complete your look. If you want a bit more coverage (aka warmth), finish off the look with some black tights.


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NYE is the perfect occasion to go all-out '80s glam. To achieve such a look, a leather skirt is optimal. Bonus points if you go head-to-toe monochrome. 


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If you want to keep your '80s look a bit on the down-low, simply pot for statement earrings and dramatic makeup. That way, you give a nod to those retro vibes without them being too overwhelming. 

Finish off all your throwback looks with these '80s-inspired boots.