I Did It—the 9 Outdated Trends I'm Finally Ditching and Their 2023 Replacements

Like many, I have the habit of getting a bit emotionally attached to my clothing. Even if I haven't worn something in years, I tend to look at the item from a nostalgic perspective—when I wore it, who I wore it with, how I bought it, etc. The cropped jacket I wore to my Who What Wear internship interview? Still got it. The Forever 21 crochet vest I wore to pretend I was at Coachella in 2014? It has collected dust in my closet since then. While it seems endearing at first, it's now a habit that has contributed to my closet bursting at the seams. Settling into the New Year, I had to face the facts: It was time for a closet clean-out. I didn't get rid of everything, as there are some things that hold too much sentimental value and may even come back around, but a lot of it had to go.

Fashion is always evolving, and I realized that I already owned the 2023 versions of the "outdated" trends that I wasn't wearing. While I'm a believer in owning a variety of silhouettes, there simply was no need for me to hold onto a style I haven't worn in so long. Continue on to see the results of me finally cleaning out my overstuffed closet and which updates I'm keeping.

Ditching: Acid-Wash Denim

Keeping: Boxy Denim Jackets


(Image credit: @GRECEGHANEM)

Yes, I still owned an acid-wash denim jacket, and I'm not entirely sure why. I kept holding on to it thinking it would make for a cool statement, but it's been years, and it was time to move on. Instead, I'm constantly reaching for the boxier denim jackets in my closet. 

Double denim has this ultra-cool look with a baggier jacket, and I'm also leaning into mismatching denim shades. 

Ditching: Jersey Maxi Skirts

Keeping: Denim Maxi Skirts


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

I used to own jersey maxi skirts in a multitude of colors. (My favorite was a heather grey Zara version.) I swore they were comfy, but honestly, they were always riding up and causing a bit of a wedgie. 

My love for maxi skirts still runs strong, but I've been reaching for denim versions much more lately. 

Ditching: Micro Bags

Keeping: Roomy Work Bags


(Image credit: @smythsisters)

As I sifted through my handbags, I could not believe the size of the bags I had purchased in the past. Now I remember why I was always schlepping multiple bags—because I didn't own one quite big enough. 

My roomy work bag is now my most-used, and because of the general focus on maxi bags in the industry, there are a lot more stylish options to shop for now. 

Ditching: Tapered Trousers

Keeping: Puddle Pants


(Image credit: @jordanrisa)

As someone who feels more comfortable in looser silhouettes, I truly can't believe I opted for tapered trousers so often in the past. Puddle pants offer a more relaxed and easygoing look overall and can switch easily from casual to formal.

Ditching: Silky Bomber Jackets

Keeping: Leather Bomber Jackets


(Image credit: @NLMARILYN)

Silky bomber jackets had their time, and it took me a while to accept that the time is no more. Instead, leather bomber jackets have been grasping my full attention.

Ditching: Suede Jackets

Keeping: Leather Jackets


(Image credit: @mariaalia)

I love my suede handbags and boots, but I think that leather is the way to go in the outerwear department. I find myself caught in the rain sans umbrella more often than I should be, and at least a moto jacket will keep me a little bit dry. 

Ditching: Bohemian Silhouettes

Keeping: Minimalist Silhouettes


(Image credit: @kristenmarienichols)

Like I said before, I love loose silhouettes, but I can't help but cringe at how many loose layers I used to wear at once. Think loose kimonos, flowy skirts, and peasant blouses. I must have thought I should've been born in the '70s.

Now, I've been leaning toward simple and pared-back '90s silhouettes. I used to feel like I couldn't pull off minimalist pieces because I was afraid they'd come off as "boring," but clearly I was in the wrong. Easy and chic outfits all 2023, please!

Ditching: Super-Cropped Blazers

Keeping: Nipped-Waist Blazers


(Image credit: @SYLVIEMUS_)

I wish I could go back and undo the DIY crops I made to a few of my favorite blazers (RIP).

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